BBA Hotshots: Ellah’s concerns and Kacey Moore’s Anger

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Ellah who had celebrated her Birthday, two days back was very happy with the birthday cake she got from Biggie. The Ugandan belle was ecstatic as she jumped up in joy screaming all the way to the store room, where her “Special Cake” was placed. The other housemates were equally as excited, as they exchanged hugs with her while also singing her a happy birthday song yet again.

She was ecstatic as she was beamed with excitement and joy. However, as soon as the housemates had devoured the cake, Ellah sat down near the Jacuzzi and began lamenting about her single relationship status while lying on Kacey Moore’s chest. She had had a similar conversation just last week with Sabina before she was evicted. The 24-year-old lady appeared worried as she fretted about her single state and not having a partner. She said she was worried about when she would get the right partner as she also needed time to investigate and know the kind of person he is.

Idris who was within earshot, patiently listened to Ellah’s lamentations as he stroked her hair and caressed her face making it seem he has some sort of sinister intentions. With Idris’ actions, it appears he may be paving way for himself in the heart of the birthday girl as he went on to ask her if she had decided who she wanted to settle down with to which Ellah responded by saying that she had been through situations that changed her mind about a lot of things.

Soon enough, Idris began humming Permithias’ favourite Zulu song which praises and reveals feelings for a lady. Although it seemed Ellah did not understand the lyrics, it appeared like Idris was somehow speaking to her through the song. Idris as it stands appears to be doing well in staying clear of Goitse as he seemingly believes that the beautiful Botswana lady is two-faced. It is left to be seen what will become of Ellah’s desires, if she gets to find love in the Big Brother house.

On the other side, Kacey Moore was apparently upset by the rumour going round the house that he was interested in Ellah. He went on and on explaining his story that is not known to any of the housemates. He made it a duty to speak to all the housemates about the issue and at the end of it all, he spoke to Idris as well.

The issue seemed to have gained momentum when Idris asked Ellah what was going on between her and Kacey Moore, based on other housemates conversations about them. Ellah seemed shocked by the question, and she immediately approached Kacey Moore. Kacey  Moore got upset about the thought of the idea and told Ellah that he was baffled that people could think of something like that without knowing who he really is.

He went on to say that he had met a lot of women during his career who wanted to be with him , and if he really wanted to be with Ellah he would aspire to achieve that outside the Big Brother House. He also spoke about his wife and how she understood his nature. Kacey Moore was really angry and upset about it and he kept saying so. Hopefully the drama would be forgotten.



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