BBA Hotshots: Confession Time With Biggie

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The diary sessions with Biggie on the 10th of October was quite interesting as he brought up the topic of eviction. More so, Bibi seemed to more interested in the developing romantic relationships between the housemates in the house as well as latent conflicts arising. The divisions seem clearly divided between the ‘villagers’ and the ‘dreamers’

Luis was first up in the diary room and it was obvious that he was avoiding answering questions in relation to Tai-tai. He however confessed having feelings for Mira to Biggie. It was surprising when was Mira’s turn, she too admitted rather weakly to having feelings for Luis. This perhaps might be attributed to her her feelings not being as strong as Luis’, her relationship with Nhlanhla or her characteristic shyness getting the better of her.

Nhlanhla on his part admitted to relating well with Mira and confesses that he is enjoying breaking down Sheillah’s hard resolve as he hopes to get more intimate with her without pursuing a relationship.

Sheilla described herself as a ‘persuasive’ being which other housemates may misconstrue as being ‘Bossy’. She believes that she is getting stronger as the competition progresses.

Ellah believes that the competition is getting tougher. Biggie proceeded to ask the housemates about the dynamics in the house, since the splitting of the housemates into teams. Ellah admitted that relations were strained and she went on to tell Biggie for she wanted to be head of house and have the ability to make some changes which can only be achieved with a power shift.


Alusa was blunt as he told Biggie that the divide had caused disquiet in the house. Frankie and Goitse, also admitted to noting the tension in the house but both felt it had been improving; while Butterphly and Mr 265 both told Biggie that they believed that people had been too sensitive about the whole matter. Idris, told Biggie that he was nervous about the Extravaganza performance saying that he believes his group has a good story and positive energy but were not ready yet. Wearing a Jed Eye ninja inspired ensemble, he told Biggie about his connection to Goitse saying “she brings something out in me.”

During Samantha’s Diary session with Biggie, She noted that while she was part of the ‘dream team’, the presence of too many talented individuals in the group was causing problems as egos were clashing resulting in too little work being done. JJ and Kacey Moore both expressed their frustration with the egos clashing with Arthur saying he thinks “Everyone wants to be a director”Frustration reigned supreme for Kacey Moore and JJ about clashing egos, and Arthur told Biggie: “Everyone wants to be director”.


It was however surprising when Biggie, in a suspicious move asked the quiet and reserved Mozambican representative -Trezagah to keep an eye on the housemates for him by helping him gather Intel on them. Macky2 whose birthday happens to be today told Biggie that with comedians, Dancers and Musicians in the ‘Dream team’, they had the higher chance of performing better at the Extravaganza. Biggie also told Macky2 he had something special waiting for him in the storeroom.


Tayo on his part told Biggie that he’d been studying people, saying He’d  noticed JJ to be a superficial person whom he described as desperate to stand out saying he was not to be trusted.







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