BBA Hotshots: As Eviction Day Beckons

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The hotshots put a lot of effort into the coming extravaganza from their rehearsals to make-up to costumes which we hope will make the show successful. The housemates must be commended for their enthusiastic and energetic approach baring in mind the arguments and squabbles that occurred during the preparations. The housemates were able to put together a good combination of music and razzmatazz.

The week’s theme of musical performances was approached with serious preparations as a couple of teachers, trainers and instructors, knowledgeable in the art of performance, we’re in the Big Brother house to teach the hotshots various ways of improving their skills on ways of putting on the best in the show. The musical theatre is something the housemates have made apparent with a week full of musical tunes and tones. The sound of drums, keyboards, guitars and various voices throughout the house were almost ceaseless.

The Tension in the house became high when Biggie decided that the housemates should be split in two teams that would go up against each other on the night. Laveda was criticised by a couple of the housemates for picking what many believed to be the stronger performers, namely: Alusa,JJ, Permithias, Esther, Kacey Moore, Goitse, Arthur, Frankie, Tayo, Sabina, Lilian and Samantha. Together they formed the Green Peppers. The weak team dubbed he Waka Waka team, consisted of the remaining housemates: Sheillah, Nhlanhla, Luis, Macky2, Trezagah,Mr. 265, Sipe, Idris, Resa, Ellah, Mira, Butterphly, and M’am Bea.

The division, between The Artists (Laveda’s team) and The Intellectuals (Sheillah’s team) further widened among the housemates when they discovered that the winning team would be immune from nomination for eviction in the week to come. As before, eviction is a decision that Africa will make, and based on the effort from both teams, and the spectacular results which will make it a tough decision to make.

A lot is at stake for the hotshots! As the housemates of the winning team will be immune from nominations in the week to come.








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