BBA Highlights: Idris Gets Punished And Everything That Happened This So Far

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Big Brother can often be heard saying to the housemates,“Big Brother’s house, Big Brother’s rules,”. The rules has been explicitly stated by Big Brother and contravening any of the rules could land the defaulting housemate in serious trouble or eviction from the house. As is already known, Samantha and Ma’m Bea have been issued with their first strikes in the house each of which a third strike can get either of them evicted from the house. The latest victim of Biggie’s Hammer is Idris.

Idris’s breaking of the rules occurred four days earlier after the Tanzanian lad got pissed off with Goitse after she turned down his advances. This led to him breaking a door handle something that contravenes one of the rules of the Big Brother house.

After the housemates had gathered in the lounge on Biggie’s request, Biggie told the housemates of Idris’s offence, saying he had broken a door and as such had to be punished. Biggie told him that “For the next 48 hours you’ll be at the beck and call of the Head of House and Big Brother. Your activities include; cooking, cleaning, fetching, carrying”. He went on to tell him that “Your duties begin immediately, you have to collect all the props and put them in the store room,” stated Big Brother.

Biggie also said that as soon as he hears a whistle from the Head of House, Idris will have to rush to him and find out what he has to do. As soon as the announcement was made, the housemates found it hilarious and witty as they made fun of him. It was however obvious that all their jesting was in good faith.

More so,Big Brother  read in alphabetical order to the housemates the persons on eviction for the week. They are Arthur, Kacey, Luis, Mr.265,Macky2 and Sheillah. Also, the Head of House is required to add one housemate to the list for possible eviction and  once this add decision is made, those are the final names for possible eviction and the added housemate will be revealed on Sunday night right before the eviction.

JJ had earlier been summoned the previous day to the Diary room, for his decision on whom he nominated for eviction, JJ added Frankie to the list. This means that the final Housemates up for possible eviction this week are Arthur, Frankie, Kacey,Luis, Mr.265, Macky and Sheillah.

Trezagah loosens up


It’s the 23rd day in the Big Brother Hotshots house and with every new day comes new findings and individual self discovery. Trezagah‘s openness early yesterday was one of the new unexpected surprises that make the Big Brother house fun. To discerning viewers, his openness is probably long over due since he has mostly kept to himself in the 23 days in the house but it seems he is beginning to loosen up and share more about his life especially on the outside.

The Mozambican rapper has for most part of the past three weeks been generally laid back as it seems he was taking his time to study other characters in the house and it seems like he has finally found the right people he is comfortable to relate to and confide in.

Early yesterday morning, Trezagah spent quite some time with Idris in the kitchen area where he opened up to him about how he met with his baby mama and how the relationship resulted in them having a son. He went on to reveal that he initially took things slow with her, saying he treated her like diamond and was a little different from other guys she had met.

Trezagah continued his story saying, “One day I went to her place and she expected me to sleep over but I didn’t. When I was leaving, I gave her a kiss on the cheek but she maybe expected me to do more. I treated her like Diamond,” he narrated adding that he believes she must have been surprised by his actions which were different from what other men would have done in similar positions. He also went on to describe his first kiss with his baby mama saying “The first kiss was great,” amidst laughter.

Trezagah continued his revelations to Idris as he told him how the relationship had lasted for eight months and how they had to break up but got back later and the resultant effect of having a son.

Tayo flares up yet again


The Reigning Head of House JJ is seemingly been perceived as a ‘control freak’ by other housemates in the house. It can be said that even before he won the coveted Head of House crown, he had a somewhat controlling nature and it seems his leadership skills and techniques are rubbing up on some housemates the wrong way. Since when he took over from Nhlanhla on Monday, JJ seems to have been actively involved in all the activities in the house including cooking and rehearsals for various tasks.

However, his perceived controlling nature and ordering around of other housemates appears to have gotten to Tayo who vented out his frustrations to Ma’m Bea, Frankie and Permithias. Tayo believes that JJ wants all the housemates to participate in rehearsals from time to time without giving them enough time to rest and gain their strength back. “I know what am doing. I know what my Medulla Oblongata is doing. Everyone knows what they’re doing. I don’t want to run around. It doesn’t mean that when we are sitting here we are useless. We are getting to know each other. I don’t want anybody to order me around. Are you mad?” he angrily vented to the trio of Mam Bea, Frankie and Permithias. The outspoken Nigerian also told the trio that after having his rest he would return to his duties and obey the Head of House but that JJ needed to take it easy on them.

Frankie, Ma’m Bea and Permithias also agreed with him with Frankie saying that they won two Wagers with Laveda and Samantha but as Head of House and neither of them pestered the housemates like JJ is presently doing. Ma’m Bea who fondly calls Tayo her son told the others that she would talk to JJ and probably suggest to him on how to go about his duties.

Ma’m Bea pleaded with Tayo to calm down just as the others cracked jokes with him and after a while, he was back to his usual self as he cracked more jokes with them. Hopefully, the housemates get to settle their differences and don’t waste lots of time in fights as this may put their Wager on the line.



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