Ariana Grande Cancels Performance In New York Over Ebola

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The fear of Ebola is the beginning of wisdom. And Ariana Grande certainly is wise.

The petite singer was scheduled to attend a non-profit charity’s annual gala in New York on Wednesday night, but didn’t show up.

And while organizers had blamed the Break Free‘s singer’s absence on scheduling conflicts, reports say it’s the fear of Ebola that prevented her from going.

Ariana’s concerns come after it was revealed New York doctor Craig Spencer had tested positive for Ebola.

A guest at the charity event, held to raise money for children in developing countries, told the New York Daily News: ‘Everybody got there and was waiting for her to arrive and she was also supposed to be a surprise musical guest.

‘No one was told she wasn’t coming, when I overheard organisers say she’s not coming, she doesn’t want to come. She’s afraid of flying because of Ebola.’



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