Amanda Bynes Placed In Psychiatric Hold Again

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When people act loony, you gotta tie them up. And that’s what is being done to Amanda Bynes.

The actress has been placed in an involuntary psychiatric hold, according to TMZ.

She was reportedly taken to a treatment facility in Pasadena, Carlifornia.

She had tweeted that her father had abused her verbally and physically as a child, then later said “My dad never did any of those things The microchip in my brain made me say those things but he’s the one that ordered them to microchip me.”




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  1. Dear Amanda,
    Thank you for your wonderful movies; I especially love the one: “What A Girl Wants” with Colin Firth. You are so gifted, and the very cute date you had, is such a marvelous actor. To me, this was a terrific movie for you, and Kelly Preston made such a great Mom for you. I hope and Pray God will deliver you of all your emotional happenings. I know for a fact; that Jesus Christ will heal your entire body, soul and spirit WHEN you ask Him to. I had suffered for 9 long years, after a divorce. Raising 2 children; no income, no car, no education, no beautiful face like yours, and knew I had to take my feet; one at a time, step forward and get going – to raise the children. After I Prayed – as I no longer wanted to keep suffering, I asked Jesus Christ to heal me. To Save me. I lived every single day after that for Him and my children. To teach my children about Jesus Christ; and they now serve Him and others in need. You may continue to go through all of each of these episodes, until YOU reach out and ask Jesus Christ to heal you, Save you, and live your life for Him. Read a Bible every single day. To learn more about God, to have an intimate relationship with God, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit. Though They are all Spirits; they do heal and Save us, in our physical bodies, our minds, our emotions, our trigger responses that drive us “nuts”. Only The Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ – can give you Peace. Nobody else in this entire world can do that! Today, we are all Saved and living for God, in total Peace, Joy, Love, Kindness, and have more true Friends than I ever thought would be possible. I strongly urge you to give Jesus Christ a chance. Mental Illness of all kinds IS healed by Jesus Christ! That is the kind of people Jesus Christ died on the Cross for. If He only died for you, Amanda – He would have done so! The Holy Spirit will come upon you, soon as you “ask Jesus Christ to come into your heart, live there, and take dominion over your life”. By you humbly, sincerely, surrendering yourself to Jesus Christ; then, He will heal you and move you into His Heavenly Kingdom, for all Eternity. You will belong to Jesus Christ, and God will heal you totally. The Holy Spirit will seal you in your “sincere decision” to follow Jesus Christ!
    I urge you to do so ; without Jesus you will never have Peace!
    May God richly Bless you, Amanda and Please make the right choice, for your sake…and our Families do love us, far more than we think they do. God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit LOVE YOU far more than you can ever conceive that They could do. Just for you.
    In Christ Jeus’ Name, Love and services,
    Your Sister, Margie in California. 10.12.2014.

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