Actress Ruth Kadiri Angry Over Reports That Her Boyfriend Bought A Range Rover For Her

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Popular Actress Ruth Kadiri furious After being linked To Apostle Suleman’s Alleged Scandal

Nollywood actress Ruth Kadiri bought her Range Rover herself, and she wants everyone to know that.

The actress had shared pictures of her newly acquired ride, and it reports began to carry it that it was financed by her lover.

In a statement by her publicist, the actress reacted angrily to the rumors.

See the statement below.

Ruth bought the Range herself. Check out the list of young actresses in the industry. None has the repertoire of work as much as Ruth. She is about the only actress busy in both ‘old and ‘new’ Nollywood. She has been consistently generating income and ploughing her money back into the business of film making and other business ventures. She has financed two movies of her own; her movie, Plantain Girls was the first Nollywood movie on African Magic Box Office. It is high time we stop crediting every success of young, hard working ladies to men. So sorry, if I have to say this, girls are not dumb or second class citizens that will always have to wait for ‘left-over’ from men before they can have decent ‘living’ of sort.



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