Abomination: Devilish Boy Loses Virginity To Mother’s Corpse After Murdering Her

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According to reports, 18-year-old, Kevin Davis currently faces up to 99 years in jail for allegedly killing his own mother and then raping her corpse.

Kevin initially tried to kill his mother with the electric cord from a games console but that didn’t end her life until he had to use a hammer on her, striking her 20 times.

Evil-Boy-Loses-Virginity-To-Mothers-Corpse-After-Killing-Her-. 360nobs.jpg,

During investigation by State police, Kevin confessed to having vicious yet sexual fantasies involving women, not excluding his own mother and sister.

Asked what happened next, Kevin said: “I had sexual intercourse with my mum. Guess I lost my virginity to a dead corpse, and then turned myself to the police the following day.”

His life in prison sentence was announced on Wednesday October 8th 2014.



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