360Tech: 10 Best Applications For Your Blackberry Phones (With Os7 And Below)

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No more Whatsapp for Blackberry

Blackberry phones are one of the best mobile gadgets you can purchase with your money or receive as a gift because it keeps you connected to the world. You have email, text messaging, multimedia messaging, voice calling, internet surfing, etc. all at your reach with just a click away. With a blackberry phone you can keep your plans in order and properly scheduled, save information about your friends on your contact list and keep yourself entertained with the multimedia applications. You can also keep up with some social media networks like twitter and Facebook, receive and send pictures. The blackberry phone is fun to use except it is not so versatile and you can’t help but want to do more with your gadget. That is why third party applications are created to help you do things your phone will not do originally.

There are vast number of third party applications; so much you wonder what to do with them all and which one will be the most suitable for your mobile device. It can be a tough choice picking applications especially when you are worried about it making your phone slow and hang all the time. In order to make the best choices for your device, these are some of the things to consider when checking an application out:

What Does It Do?: when considering an app, you must first ask what it can do to make things easier for you or if it truly suit the purpose you need the app for. It could be games, entertainment apps, applications for social media networks, applications to provide basic general information like news apps, weather report apps, travel apps and so on. It could also be applications for your social media accounts. Basically, you have to consider what the app can do before you download it.

Is It Simple To Use?: the basic characteristic of every application must be to make your life or device better (depending on what you use your mobile phone for). It is therefore necessary for the application you download to be easy to use. Any application with a complicated interface will make things very difficult for you. When searching for apps, always look out for the ones you can understand and use very easily, without adding more stress than you need to your life.

Is It Stable Enough?: the major reason why blackberry phones freeze while operating application is because the app is a poorly written one. A poor application will interfere with the normal operation of your device and then make it hang. If an application makes your phone hang a lot, it is not worth having on your phone.

Do I Have Enough Memory To Run This Application?: some applications get larger as you use them especially games and chat applications. Before you download an app, you have to consider the memory available both on your storage device and external SD card. If you have just enough memory to get the app on your phone, delete some other applications you don’t need to avoid your phone hanging every time you use it.

Now that you know what to look out for when considering downloading an application for you blackberry device (and any other mobile device), these are some of the best applications you can have on your blackberry phones:

  1. Gym Technik: this health and fitness application is for everyone that loves to work out; the fit fam designed by Gym Technik Ltd. It is a handy mobile application that helps you plan and keep track of your workout. It is a web based application which means you don’t have to download it on your mobile phone before you can use it. All you have to do is point your browser to m.gymtecknik.com, although you have to use a computer to set up an account. It is very simple to use and very helpful for those who like to keep fit and those who want to lose a few pounds of flesh.
  2. iSkoot: do you enjoy making video calls via Skype on your laptop or other gadgets and you miss it a lot when you are away from those gadgets? Or you just simply love the idea of video calling and it makes you sad because you blackberry phone has no app for it? Then, you need to worry no longer. With iSkoot, you can make all the video calls you want. It is as simple as making and receiving normal calls with the same ringtone. You also have an instant messenger that allows you to send text messages. This app is absolutely free.
  3. Mobipocket Reader: for book lover who love to read almost everywhere without burdening themselves with the extension extra weight of a book, Mobipocket Reader is a brilliant ebook reader for blackberry users.
  4. Whatsapp: a chat application that enables you stay with your friends that are not using the traditional instant messenger; bbm. It is has a very good interface, it is not cumbersome and works for all blackberry type. All you need is your friends’ phone numbers and you can chat with them as long as your blackberry subscription is on.
  5. Web Messenger: allows you to chat on almost every major instant messaging network like AOL, Google, Yahoo, Skype, MSN etc. It runs as a full chat client and you can see who is online, update your status(es) and chat as much as you want.
  6. PicMix: this application allows you to edit your pictures and arrange more than picture in one photo. It is fun and easy to use. It makes taking and uploading selfies on your blackberry phones a delight.
  7. News24: if you love to keep up with things happening everywhere in the world and around clock too, you will love this application. From entertainment, politics, business, tourism to current affairs, News24 keeps you updated about every newsworthy occurrence around the globe.
  8. Google Mobile: is an an application that combines Google’s wonderful apps; Gmail, Google Maps and Google Sync as one. With Google mobile, you find it easier to access and your Gmail account more comfortably, do everything a Google map can do on your system (navigate, pinpoint your location, switch to satellite view and so on) and the sync app allows you to do a two-way synchronization with your Google calendar and your blackberry Calender. It is an awesome multitasking application for those use Google accounts.
  9. Messenger: messenger app allows you chat with your friend’s on Facebook and send text messages to people on tour contact list. It is have simple interface which makes it comfortable app to use. Like other instant messengers, it has Smileys to depict facial expressions and you can chat as much as you want.
  10. Blackberry Notepad: with the notepad application, you can write any document as lengthy as you want it. It is not constrained by word limits or document size. It can always take the place of your traditional mobile word document app. The interesting part is, you can use the notepad to write computer programs like you do on a laptop, isn’t that exciting? If you want the app that helps you with mathematical imputations, run complex calculations or just put simple information into tables, the app you need is gridmagic community edition. These apps are for the geeks that love to work everywhere they find themselves.

For games and social media applications, there are tonnes to chose from and it all depends on your taste and style. UC Browser is an awesome browser you can use apart from your traditional browser. The good thing about it is you can download movies and it automatically pauses when you switch your phone off. With light fluctuations in the country, you can download without fear of it being terminated.

One great way to testing the ability of an application is by using the free trial version especially for non-free applications.

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