360Submissions: How To Lose Weight The Healthy Way by Glory Edozien For Inspire Series

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Inspire Series has reached its webisode 7, and for them, it has been an amazing journey so far.

For the seventh edition, Glory Edozien decided to talk about the most unspeakable yet sensitive topic- Weightloss. Nelly Agbogu is the guest on this edition of the Inspire Series. Her story is that she has lost an amazing 40Kg and counting.

According to Glory, “I didn’t want this to a be a typical interview on weight loss or concentrate on the physical aspects of how she lost weight. As someone who has personally struggled with weight, i realise the battle is more of an emotional one than a physical one. People are quick to judge us as being lazy or undisciplined without understanding the deeper emotional and psychological struggles at play.”
What she hopes this interview would do is put a face and a person behind the weight loss struggle. In other words, humanise the process. Allow people to understand that it isn’t easy to just say ‘you need to loose weight’. It isn’t about being deprived of food. The process of weight loss is a personal journey, it cant be forced or cajoled. It is a step by step process which must be owned by the individual and supported by loved ones. It is also a marathon, not a sprint. A marathon that starts first by personal illumination and daily courage.
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