360Opinion Poll: Exposure To Sex Education From Age 6; A Good Or A Bad Thing?

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No thanks to modern technology, children who can operate a computer, mobile phone and have access to the internet are exposed to things that are not age appropriate. Children are exposed to all forms of debauchery.

The media has also contributed to the high rate of sexualized messages flying about with the movies, billboards, magazines, music and even some young comic books are filled with  sensual images children should not be viewing. Some parents know this and have shielded their children the best they can by buying books that do contain explicit contents, turned the parental control on on the cables and have banned them from using the internet but that has still not prevented kids from learning about sex especially from their friends; either at home or in school.

In fact, it is said that kids are so super-sexualized that by the time they reach puberty, they would have heard, seen or read more than a thousand sexual contents. Without the guidance of parents, it is almost unimaginable what they can do with the knowledge they have about sex. Curiosity would push many kids to try what they’ve seen and heard and that can be detrimental to their future. With the rates of unwanted pregnancies and many teenagers dying from abortion as well as terminal sexually transmitted diseases, parents are advised to teach their kids everything they need to know about sex, the dangers of doing it so early and the beauty of abstinence. Parents should be approachable on every issue sexually related and not pretend as if telling the kid to “go and pray”, “read her books”, etc. will stop her curious mind from wandering about. Talking about sexual matters with your kids also helps to prevent child abuse. He or she should know it is bad to be touched in certain way and should report to mummy or daddy when things go bad.

But many parents have argued that exposing children to sex education as early as age 6 is feeding them information “too much for them to handle” and said there are countless other ways to tackle the issue of being sexualized by the things they read and see. Some parents have suggested enrolling kids to creative classes where they can be kept busy after school and keeping their minds off those contents as well as focusing on childlike stuffs. Parents have also suggested mobile phones, internet should be taken from kids till they are wise enough to filter the bad messages and the good messages. Encouraging children to have hobbies that keeps them preoccupied have been said to be another way to tackle the issue of over sexualized messages flying around kids without having to educate them about sex.

And so, we have decided to ask what you feel about kids being exposed to sex education as early as age 5. Is early sex education a way of protecting kids from doing the wrong things with the information gotten from the internet and the media or not educating them about sex is a way to shield them from making the wrong decisions?

Take the poll and let us know what you think about early sex education from age 6.

Should children from age 6 be exposed to Sex Education?

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