#360AfterDarkErotica: Daniel’s Relief

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“Tonight, I’ll make your fantasies an experience for you”, a soft silky voice whispered into his ears and it was all Daniel needed for all the blood in his body to rush downwards. It had been six months since he had had sex and was beginning to feel as if he was carrying the weight of the world in his balls.

He needed release and he didn’t care from who, as long as he was squirting white juice at the end of the ordeal. It did not even matter the time span of the act, he was just paramount about shedding some of the load he’d been carrying for the past months. Since he was single and all the babes that could help him had declined giving one excuse or the other, he had resorted to “Le Sparkles”, a haven for people like himself who needed an orgasm so badly that they would pay handsomely for it.

Le sparkles wasn’t just any kind of brothel, it was a theatre playhouse with sophisticated girls that were ready to help you fulfill your fantasies no matter how silly they might sound. It was expensive to get one of the girls to follow you to a room but it was worth every dime parted away with.
“My fantasies, really? You gaan do that for me, honey?”, Daniel replied, rubbing his palms in anticipation.

“Sure, sweet thing. I’m going to do that and much more”, she replied, batting her lashes at him.

“Babe, for now I will just like to get this load off my balls. I’ve not had sex in six months, mayne”.

“Poor baby. It must be hard on you but I’m here for you. See me as your slave tonight, use me as you will”, she replied in her sexy velvety voice that made the bulge in Daniel’s grow bigger. He motioned for the babe to join him in bed and she did so swaying her small hips so seductively as she moved.

Daniel took a minute to study the girl. She was petite with delicious curves in the right places. She had a small but very perky boobs and a round and firm backside just like he likes his girls. Her skin was the colour of a dark mahogany covered in a sheen of sweet smelling oil that made her skin glow. He face was devoid of make up which made her look so innocent and her lips reminded him of dark chocolates. She was an epitome of innocent beauty which was an irony considering she sold her body to strangers. Something about her made him want to go slower and gentler with her.

Daniel started kissing her and he felt an electric shock shooting through him as he explored her mouth as if the strength he needed was in her mouth. She tasted like sweet wine and Daniel couldn’t just, he didn’t want to, stop himself from devouring the delicious lips. It was the softest lips he had ever kissed.
“This must be what the forbidden fruit tasted like”, he thought to himself as he sucked from the sweet nectar of her lips like a bee.

Strong but soft palms moved up and down her back, carressing her through the thin fabric she wore. He felt him undo the sash of the transparent lace robe she wore and the gasp of satisfaction as he saw her small breast made her nipple harden. She was revelling in that moment when she felt his mouth on her breast, hot wet toungue suckling on her nipples like it was his favourite meal. Jemmy couldn’t stop the moans of pleasure that escaped her lips.

He was taking her on a ride that was completely alien to her. She never put emotions into the act with her past clients. It was always about the money but something about that stranger drove her insane. His mouth left her boobs and trailed down her stomach making jemmy clench her hands in his afro.
“Stop, please”, Jemmy said as he reached her honey pot. She wasn’t comfortable with anyone giving her head.

“Baby”, Daniel drawled, “why now?”

“This is about you, okay. Why don’t you lie on your back and let me do what I was paid for”, she said pushing slightly on his back.

Daniel eyes almost popped out as her tongue tortured his nipples like he had done to her earlier. The girl was good with her mouth, he thought as she settled for his dick. She moved from the cap to his balls in such swift movement that made him pulsate.

“F-uuuuu-cckk. Yeah, this is good”, he moaned.

Unable to hold it any longer, he flipped her on her back and entered her. She was unbelievably tight and very wet for him. Her moans drove him so wild that within minutes, he came. He breathed heavily as he did, feeling very relieved but he wasn’t done with her. He was still strong enough to go more rounds.

“Sugar, what is your name?”, he asked.

“Jemmy”, she replied almost shyly.

“A very lovely name for a damsel. I’m Daniel”.

“Thank you for the compliment, Daniel”

“Why don’t you thank me by blowing my mind again?”

Jemmy smiled and crawled on top of him. She nibbled on his lips and twitched his nipples softly. That was all the encouragement Daniel’s little man needed, as it grew bigger and stronger finding its way to her warmth again.


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