3-Year Old Man Utd Fan Refuses To Wear School Uniform Because It’s Blue [VIDEO]

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A 3-year old Manchester United fan became internet-popular after she refused to wear her school uniform.

Her reason: the uniform was blue, the color of Manchester United’s noisy neighbors, Manchester City.

“I don’t like blue!” Lilly Rae Doyle wailed, pulling at the offending garment as her mother filmed her. The mother tried to reason with her, asking her to be a “brave girl” and wear the uniform, but Lilly simply wasn’t having any of it.

Since being published by the Manchester Evening News, the video has brought Lilly a lot of support, even from Man United’s official Twitter account. The club reminded her that their third kit this season is actually blue and invited her to a game in the hopes of making her uniform situation more tolerable.



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