Zen Magazine Africa: Fruity Necklaces and Bold Makeup

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We love this beauty editorial modeled by Bintou Sisi from Zen magazine. The images are nothing short of amazing. Limes, kiwis and figs as a necklace is totally innovative with the gloss effect on her skin works great. Great work, great art.

Editor’s Note: Fruity necklaces, bold makeup and loads of colour that will make your eyes roll. Photographed by Yvonne Van Dalen. 

Fashion_Fruity+necklaces+bold+makeup+Yvonne+Van+dalen+Zen+MagazineAfrica_360nobs Fashion_Fruity+necklaces+bold+makeup+Yvonne+Van+dalen+Zen+Magazine (6)Africa_360nobs Fashion_Fruity+necklaces+bold+makeup+Yvonne+Van+dalen+Zen+Magazine (2)Africa_360nobs


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