Why Many Nigerian Girls Are Sidechicks

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#1. IN A BID TO FEEL AMONG: so many girls go into relationships just for show off. They have probably seen their friends’ boyfriends and the things they get for them. In a bid to feel as if they belong to the crowd of girls that have boys that can spend money on them, they will settle for anything, including becoming mistresses, even when they know the guy is in a serious relationship. These girls will take whatever the boy gives them and will stick to his rules as long as they keep getting material things from him.

#2. TO ESCAPE LONELINESS: many girls will settle for less just so they can have someone to keep them company. They want someone to call them, chat with them, take them out, have their time and so will jump at any guy who comes their way. Many Nigerian girls see relationship as a way to escape from their boring lives.

#3. CONTROLLED BY EMOTIONS: must girls will settle for being second best just because they feel they are in love with the guy and don’t want to do without him. It is not a matter of being sensible in this case, as all form of reasoning goes on break where the guy is concerned. Love, infatuation, obsession can make a girl become a guy’s sidechick.

#4. FORCED BY PRESSURE:  where many parents want their kids to get married on time and will pressure them till they bring home to them a guy, the girl will be forced to settle for anything that comes her way. She feels as if she has no choice but to get a man at all cost.

#.5. THRILL AND DESIRE: not every girl is being forced or coerced into being a side chick, some girls would do it just for the fun of it. She likes the idea of playing hide and seek with the guy. In this case, it probably started as a honest mistake and them she starts to enjoy sneaking around with another woman’s guy.

#6. SHE LIKES BEING WANTED: it is no news that girls enjoy being chased, pampered and made to feel very desirable. Many Nigerians girls are side chicks because they like how special their guys make them feel. It doesn’t matter if they know he has a girlfriend, once they enjoy the attention he is giving to them, they would go for him.

#7. SHE IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH: note that every guy has what he wants from his woman. It could be a woman with beauty plus brains or a woman with a good sense of humour and so on. If a guy likes a girl and doesn’t possess the qualities he wants in a woman, he may keep her as his sidechick. Girls who pay little attention to themselves in general may find themselves becoming a man’s mistress.

#8. MORAL ISSUES: if a girl plays too easy to get or too hard to get, she will easily be pushed aside as the second best. She may not even know she has be sidechick-zoned. Once a guy feels he did little or nothing to get a girl or paid too expensively for her, either in cash or kind, he may make her his mistress. It is easy for a girl to become a side chick if it is glaring to the world that she is loose and always after everything in trousers.

#9. SOCIETAL MISHAP: with the society gradually embracing the sidechick title as a norm, Nigerian girls no longer see it as a big deal to go for a guy that has a girlfriend. She wants something from him and she will use what she has to get what she wants. The media has played a big role in infiltrating the minds of many young girls to embrace being a man’s mistress.

#10: SHE IS NOT CONTENTED: some girls are never contented with the little their boyfriends can give to them or they just simply want more sexual satisfaction, hence, they would search for a guy who doesn’t want a serious relationship and can provide them with what they need. She is a side chick with a side dude and that justifies her actions in her mind.

#11. HOPE: being hopeful of overthrowing the main chick can make a girl agree to be a guy’s side chick. She would accept the terms and conditions laid out by the guy but would start trying so hard to win him over permanently.

Being a sidechick is not a respectable title any girl should want to bear. It can be degrading and hurtful especially when caught or things don’t go as you planned. Define what you want in your relationship and never at any point or for any reason settle for less.


Alice Temitope Dako

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