Which Of The 4 Covers For Blanck Digital Magazine’s New Edition Is Your Favourite?

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For Blanck digital magazine’s 3rd issue, there are 4 very different and exciting covers.

On the first is TV girl and talkshow host Adora Oleh who speaks to the magazine on skin lightening, her future in the entertainment industry and fashion.

The second cover features Nollywood starlet Rita Dominic who talks about her past, present and future in the entertainment industry, she also talks about her love life

On the third cover is Funmi Iyanda. She speaks to the publication on being a feminist, and what she thinks about the Nigerian broadcast industry.

Last but definitely not the least, is the ladies man and super talented rapper Ice Prince Zamani.  He speaks on his style and  how staying true to himself and his style of music as brought him this far.

My favourite cover is Funmi Iyanda’s, I also look forward to reading her full interview, when she was asked if she had any advice for upcoming broadcasters in the Nigerian industry she said “To give a few helpful tips on presenting; I would need a full semesters course schedule for that l’m afraid. For now, let’s just agree that regarding presenting, can people stop talking in those infernal pseudo American accents? It’s rather sad and utterly crass.”

Here are the four. Which is your favourite?

Adora Oleh

Adora Oleh 2

Rita Dominic


Funmi Iyanda



Ice Prince Zamani




Rita Dominic
: Franka Chiedu
: Asiko
: Bella Adeleke
: Rasheeda Adeosun

Summer Loving
Photography: Ola Ajani
Styling: Bella Adeleke
Makeup: Neon Velvet
Hair: Deborah Lola

Summer Dreaming
Photography: Sammy Baxter
Stylist: Sarah Mulindwa
Model: Charlotte Strike; Thomas King
Hair Stylist: Izzy Pratt

Ice Prince Zamani
: Ayodeji Rotinwa
Styling & Art Direction
: Bella Adeleke
: La Personne
: Signature by Design
Makeup: Tonikemi
Shoot & Styling Assistant: Elizabeth Ajomale

The colours of Magic
Photographer & Director
: Sammy Baxter
: Sarah Mulwinda
: Lyndsey Cavanagh
Hair Stylist
: Bella Noell
: Mina Renoir, Dani Race & Marlene Marie

Urban Decadence
: Judith Omoregie
: Elena Pashkova
Makeup & Hair
: Rachel Williamson
: Jessica Thompson
Wardrobe Stylist
: Cherrelle Douglas
Assistant Stylists
: Ebony Onwubolu & Nicole Carvalho
: Gea (Sapphires Model management) | Cleopatra Wood (GTM Models)
Locations: Afro World, Dalston | New York Nails, Hackney | The Laundrette, Shoreditch

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