When It Is Okay To Be Selfish

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Being selfish is totally welcome sometimes. The reason is not far fetched, sometimes you just NEED to think of yourself first.

Here are examples of times like that.

When your sanity is being threatened: It could be that you have had the most overwhelming day and your world is threatening to come down like a pack of cards. And then you think, if you yell or withdraw or don’t put up a happy face, your friend/spouse/colleague would get angry.

Well, let them be. Your sanity matters because if you lose it, you are most certainly going to lose them too.

When you need to be alone: Sometimes being alone is the only therapy you so crave for. Yet you don’t want to ask at the risk of being termed a party pooper or a joy killer.

Its very okay to be a joy killer if your own joy is threatening to be killed. I mean, is there sense is putting someone’s joy first and neglecting yours? No? I did not think so either.

While making love: Don’t be so into pleasing the other person all the time that you forget about your own pleasure. Your pleasure matters too and if for once you want it to be all about you, then you are allowed to be selfish.

When you need to purge your heart: You might be one of those people who wouldn’t call their friend because they don’t want to burden her and then go ahead to carry all their troubles with them.

Don’t they say a problem shared is half solved? Even if it doesn’t get to be half solved, having someone to talk to lifts the burden off your heart and who wouldn’t want that?

So the next time you feel burdened and you need someone to talk to, go ahead and be selfish and call your friend and make the phone call all about you.

When you don’t give that other road user “chance”

The guy needs to get in front of you in traffic because he has jumped queue and you know you would give him/her on a good day. But today is not a good day and you don’t have one extra second to spare by giving a guy space in front of you. Come on, you can be selfish all the way here. Aint nobody gon bite you for that.



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