When A Woman Is Fed Up

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To be honest, women are quite open. And when a woman is fed up, you are likely to see that clearly.

But if for some reason you can’t, any/all of these signs can be a pointer in that direction.

She stops communicating with you

She doesn’t return your calls, doesn’t really care if you call and her responses are now one liners.

It could mean anything to be honest, but it could mean she is tired of being with you and she wants out.

She doesn’t find you funny anymore

Most women find their men funny. And when all your jokes are now met with a straight face or a “How’s that funny” face, then you can know that she doesn’t find you funny anymore and she doesn’t want the relationship anymore.

If she never found you funny, then its not an issue. But when she goes from laughing at your every joke (even the dry ones) to refusing to laugh when you say something, then she is done.

She is beginning to act shady

Her phone now has a password and it never used to. She gets defensive when you ask about the guy she is always hanging with and she now keeps secrets from you.

This is a big pointer in the direction of her being fed up.

Your fun things aren’t fun no more

Couples have fun things they do. At least normal couples. And most times, that helps bring sanity into a relationship when things threaten to fall apart.

So if your fun things are now extremely boring to you, then she is getting tired of you.

She compares you to someone else

If there is no someone else why would she compare you with him? I mean there has to be someone she is seeing as a boyfriend model to compare you with him? Get it?

This could mean something really bad is about to happen.

She just doesn’t try anymore

She really is indifferent about the relationship. She couldn’t care less if it hits the rocks or blows up in your faces.

She simply doesn’t care.


When someone is fed up, sometimes it is good to let them go. But if you still want to work things out, then the key to a solution is communicating and asking if the person still wants to be around or wants to leave.



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