What Is The Right Age To Get Married?

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In a country like Nigeria, it seems it has become necessary, almost compulsory, for everyone to get married these days. Once a child finishes his or her tertiary education, finishes his youth service and is employed by a reputable company with a respectable salary, the next thing everyone would assume for him or her is marriage.

Your parents will ask questions from time to time about who you are dating and when you are going to bring him or her home; aunts and uncles make it their duty to remind you at every function, especially wedding ceremonies that you are the next in line to tie the knot. Irrespective of your age, they feel you are mature enough to start making your own home which makes it hard for you not to feel as if you are being put on a stereotypical timeline that you can’t adjust to suit your timing.

You may be young, unprepared and clearly not ready to start a home and they will still keep on pestering you to bring a man or woman home. This, therefore, has caused an old argument that no one has truly found a general answer to. The argument of what age is right to get married.

Marriage is a great gift that encourages people to grow up and teaches them how to be responsible for themselves and everyone else around them. It helps people to take charge of their lives and teaches them to stand firm under the windy pressures of the world. Marriage is supposed to protect one from sexual immorality and debaucheries and so, it is no wonder why parents would want to push their kids out early to learn how to be mature on their own. Couples who marry early also learn how to grow up together and form a satisfying and stronger bond from weathering terrible storm that comes with marriages together.

However, couples who marry early before the age of 23 are more likely in risk of getting divorced because at that early age, those couples are still too young to understand what they fully want. People who marry early do not also have the opportunity to groom themselves, fully discover who they are and what they really want with their lives before diving into marriage. Most of those who marry early, marry because of the pressure from their parents, what they are feeling and did not take their time to study who they are getting married.

Therefore, it is advisable for people to wait at least till they are in their mid 20s or almost late 20s. Getting married later gives one the opportunity to discover who he/she is and experience life by themselves. It gives you plenty of time to prepare yourself for the surprises that comes with marriages. Most people who marry late get married with open minds and do not marry based on anyone’s opinion, they marry for themselves and themselves alone.

However, these people are in danger of meeting the wrong people, people too desperate that they will feign whatever character to suit your needs. With the age of menopause reducing to 35 in some women, people who marry late are in danger of losing out on making babies or having difficulty in the labour room.

There is truly no specific age for marriage. It is best to get married because you want to and not because people want you to. Make sure you are prepared enough before tying the knot with your significant other.



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