Wednesday Polls: Emotional Cheating Vs Physical Cheating, Which Is Worse?

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Cheating has become a very common problem in many relationships. The after effect of being caught cheating is emotional damage which can be disastrous to the person being cheated on. Unfortunately, however, having sex with someone outside your marriage or relationship is not the only form of cheating. There are other forms like cyber cheating, text message “chexting” and emotional cheating but for the benefit of this poll, we will be focusing on the really common ones which are physical “sexual” cheating and emotional cheating.

Emotional Cheating as defined by Wikipedia is the relationship between a person and someone (other than their spouse) that has an impact on the level of intimacy, emotional distance and overall dynamic balance in the marriage (or their real relationship) i.e a person forms a very deep emotional bond with someone else apart from his or her partner. Cheating emotionally on your partner is when you find yourself spending little time on him or her and focusing all your attention on the person you are in an emotional relationship with.

With emotional cheating, you are, most of the time, contented with just being close with the person but at the detriment of your own relationship because you find yourself worried, spending more time; on phone and physically, and always wanting to impress them and make them happy. It is mainly finding emotional satisfaction with someone else apart from the person you are dating unlike physical cheating where it is mainly setting out to find sexual fulfillment outside their relationship.

With physical cheating, you do not have to form any bond (most times) to be sexually intimate with someone outside your relationship. All you need to do is make your intention known and let there be an agreement. It could be a one night stand with a stranger, prostitute or random hump in the bed with an ex or continuous activity with a side chick. In this form of cheating, there might be no loss of emotional connection but the person cheating may find himself constantly being disconnected sexually with his significant other. He or she may find it very hard connect with the spouse in the bedroom which may kill that relationship eventually.

So, my question today needs your answer below. You know what to do, take the poll and let me know how you feel.

Which is worse?

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