Watch The SCOAN Building Collapse [VIDEO]

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The surveillance feed has been released, with shows the ill-fated collapse of the Synagogue Church Of All Nations building collapse.

The aircraft, which Pastor T.B. Joshua attributed the collapse to, is also visible.

Watch the video below.



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  1. In this way we will have many tribulations but we ought to be of good cheer for our Lord and Saviour has overcome the world. Death happens everywhere and nobody makes noise about it. We know that in situations like this satan’s servants are likely to make louder noise but still it won’t even shake the Kingdom of God. May the Lord, our God comfort the families in Jesus’ name.

    We love you Prophet TB Joshua.

  2. Man of GOD i love u . what has happened is for your promotion because GOD will be using you now more than before . WE will continu listing to your preaching unless GOD himself tells us that you are not his servant . Me and my familly we love u and are praying for you.

  3. Daddy, God is in control and I pray that God will expose and capture whose so ever that is involve or have hand in this evil deed. may the souls of those that died in this tragedy rest in peace, Amen. and we also pray that our lord Jesus will grant there families the heart to bear the lost. Amen.

  4. How many of us will die in a Holy place like SCOAN? It is of course a tragedy, but a blessing in disguise. Oh how I wish to be part of the deceased, not to die for a wrong cause. God allowed it to happen for a reason. May all friends and relatives be comforted by God’s Spirit. Amen.

  5. i want to be visit the scoan one day,to know more about God’s purpose about my duty because i have different visions where God instructs me but to do His job due to setbacks and ill health(HIV ,CHEST PAINS & ULCERS)

  6. Be of good chear,for God will always see his own through trying times like this.You have so much disgraced the devil that he has been fighting to bring you down.This seems the only way he can get anywhere near you.But i tell you this Daddy,you are a winner anyday,anytime,anywhere.The Lord is your strenght..

  7. A man born of woman is of few days which are full of trouble. He grows like a flower then fades away like a shadow!

    Right here in Tanzania, we sympathize what happened on 12th September 2014 at SCOAN.

    With heartfelt conscience we encourage everyone to exercise in deeds the word of God as preached by the man of God prophet T.B.Joshua that;
    God is our healer whether he heals us or not.
    He is our deliverer whether he delivers us or not.
    and God is our refuge whether he rescues us or not.

    We should remember how much great the Lord has done into our lives.
    We should remember his unfailing love, unbearable mercy and invaluable grace.

    T.b.Joshua, the prophet be of good cheer dad! for every course serves a purpose! For in the college of God there is no double promotion! you are
    moving to another new higher level.

    The best is yet to come!
    we love Emmanuel.TV and synagogue Church of all nations because anyone who loves his Servants honours him.
    welcome to Tanzania
    welcome to East Africa.

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