Villains of The Amazing Spider-Man 2

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 marks the fifth time everyone’s favorite wall-crawling hero has swung his way into theaters. Spider-Man has clashed with many villains in the five films that have been produced in the franchise. And interestingly, even though the two Amazing Spider-Man films serve as reboots of the franchise, there’s been little differences in terms of the actions the villains bring to the franchise. From Green Golbin to Doctor Octopus to Electro, we’ve seen some of the best villains in the Marvel Universe and perhaps, the world appear in these films.

Below are some of the best and notorious villains of the spiderman franchise.

Rhino (Paul Giamatti)


Rhino ( played by Paul Giamatti in the amazing Spider-Man 2) is one of those villains whose character is dependent on what you put in. He can be nothing more than a brainless brute, charging into battle and trying to destroy Spider-Man whenever he interferes in any of his latest bank robberies. Or he can be a surprising villain. Who reveals a tender side beneath the indestructible rhino suit when pushed hard enough. But most comic movie writers tend to veer towards the depiction of a brainless brute, and that’s very much how Amazing Spider-Man 2 plays it.

Paul Giamatti’s Rhino is a very minor villain in this film compared to Jamie Foxx’s Electro and Dane DeHaan’s Harry Osborn. But as such, Rhino is hardly the most remarkable villain to grace a Spider-Man film. It’s interesting to see the filmmakers look to the Ultimate Marvel version for inspiration, eschewing the strong man in a costume for a mercenary in a mechanized battle suit. But as it stands, Rhino is just the hired muscle in this conflict.

Electro (Jamie Foxx)


Based on the marketing alone, you could be forgiven for thinking Jamie Foxx’s Electro is the main villain of Amazing Spider-Man 2. But you can’t blame the marketers for emphasizing Electro at every turn. This is one of Spdier-Man’s more powerful and visually interesting villains. And the film takes advantage of Max Dillon’s impressive abilities, using them to build action set pieces and battle sequences on a scale we haven’t seen since Spidey clashed with Sandman in Spider-Man 3.

In that sense, Electro is one of the franchise’s most successful villains. On a story level, not so much. The film works hard to establish Dillon before his transformation to Electro as a sympathetic figure. He’s geeky, awkward, and picked upon, with his main joy in life being his obsession with his idol Spider-Man. That’s a fine start, but the film never manages to convincingly portray Dillon’s transformation from unhappy, simple happy-go-lucky guy to tyrannical villain. In the end, the powers drown out the character. Had Electro been positioned as the sole antagonist of this sequel and received the full attention he deserved, he might have rivaled the best of the franchise.

Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan)

harry osborne

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie delivers a better portrayal of Harry Osborn than we’ve seen in the past. The reasons are many. For one thing, Dane DeHaan just fits the role better. While there’s a certain degree of familiarity to the Harry/Peter dynamic, DeHaan delivers the right blend of charming and creepy, whereas James Franco’s Harry from previous spiderman movies got by by being cocky and handsome.

And whereas Harry’s evolution from best friend to costumed villain in the original trilogy was drawn out and sometimes withdrawn, this Harry receives a much more direct and focused character space. His degenerative disorder gives him the courage to throw caution to the wind and embrace the Green Goblin. And Harry’s hideous Goblin appearance easily beats out Willem Dafoe’s Power Ranger armor or Franco’s neo-skater punk attire.

In all, these villains brought out the best in the Spiderman character making the amazing Spider-Man 2 an interesting movie to watch.


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