Top Ten Nigerian Wedding Trends of 2014

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Weddings pretty much get exciting with each year. What seemed to be the trend a year ago, may become stale at the turn of the new year.

Aso ebis give way to other new trends, receptions are now surreal and more fairy tale like, social media has now made it look more about the wedding than the days that follow, the marriage.

All the aforementioned things have made getting married very beautiful and something every bride looks forward to.

In the western world, weddings are celebrated differently (without the whole spectacle and tradition our weddings are heavily laced with here) and so, that is why this article, even though it was influenced by a Huffington post article with the same name would be very different.

Let’s go through the top (and most exciting) trends of weddings in the year 2014.

Aso ebis

Aso-EbiNot like this one has never been there. But the emergence of new pop culture, celebrity inspired aso ebi and fashion taking a different turn in Nigeria has evolved this particular trend.

For instance, Tiwa Savage’s white aso ebi during her wedding to her leading man, TBillz, was a beautiful sight to behold and has become a large influence on many weddings after that time.

It is safe to say Aso ebi is a trend that has evolved, has come to stay and might never leave African weddings.

Surreal Reception Venues

wedding 2 reception venue

Throwback to the nineties, there were reception venues, they just didn’t look like something handpicked from a disney movie. There were great weddings from rich folks but they pale in comparison to what we have now.

These days, weddings reception halls now have themes. Ranging from Midsummer night dream, to Cinderella’s own party to every fairy tale dream a woman can ever have.

The bride and the groom can now have a little “cottage” of some sort in the reception hall, something for them alone, something extremely beautiful.

And we love it! A reminder of what it can be like is Peter Okoye and Lola Omotayo’s amazing wedding decor!

Pre-Wedding Photos

wedding 3 pre wedding photosThis was certainly not a trend about five years ago. But these days, pre wedding photos are a huge deal in the wedding itself. Most of these pre wedding photos have their themes and a story behind them and it is the most exciting part of the whole shoot.

Couples get to play dress up, disappear into a world of their own (sometimes even under water. Oh yeah, some people have done that) while the camera captures their moments.

These photos also make it to the hardcover of the wedding programmes and wedding guests get to share the moment with them. Adorbs don’t you think?

Reception Clothes

wedding 4 reception clothesAgain, this is not one new trend but has gotten better and more interesting with this year. Before now, brides didn’t really have more than one outfit on their wedding day; their wedding gown.

But now, we have been introduced to beautiful reception dresses that the bride changes into when they arrive at the reception. The fun part of this is that, it could be anything depending on the bride’s taste and is not limited like the wedding dress.

Bridal Makeup

wedding 5 bridal makeupBrides have been getting their faces done since forever, what brides have not been doing up until recently, is looking very beautiful and making their MUA (make up artistes) a celebrity on their D-day.

Before now, nobody really cared who did the bride’s make up and how perfect it is. But welcome to the period where the MUA is as important as the vows and the groom!

This trend has gone up a notch this year and we have seen new make up artistes do their thing on many beautiful brides.

An example is the make up artiste who handled the President’s daughter’s make up earlier this year. It was fresh and new and beautiful!

Social Media

wedding 6 social mediABefore now, weddings were talked about through medium like Radio and TV and the good old Invitation cards.

These days, hashtags and Instagram photos do the announcement. Also, blogs are created for the purpose of the upcoming nupitals. The couple can share their thoughts, how they met, memories and aspirations there.

Wedding Guests

wedding 7 guests

Before you begin to talk and ask how wedding guests turned to trends, hear me out.

Before now, there were guests at parties and it was not a big deal. However, this year has seen a lot of wedding guests who have taken it up a notch.

With the advent of social media, wedding guests have now started to go the extra mile to look good at weddings. #asoebibella is now a constant hashtag on Instagram and the biggest reason a lot of people want to turn heads at a wedding.

Some don’t even mind making the bride look less attractive.

Agree with me that wedding guests are a trend now?


wedding 8 photography Photography is certainly more than just a click in weddings this year. It is now something that captures beautiful moments, tells stories and shows how creative the person behind the lense is.

The prewedding and wedding day shoots have now been redefined thanks to the different way photography now tells the story. Its now more than boring pictures that sit in an album, its a story of the most beautiful day of the couples’ lives.


wedding 9 cakeCakes might sound like something that should not be on this list. But cakes in 2014 are certainly different from cakes a while back. Now the cakes are as artistic as the photography itself!


Dr-Sid-and-brideFrom the bride and the Groom posing for one together, to the bridesmaids pouting their way through one, to the wedding guests getting together for one. Selfies have come to be an integral part of the wedding ceremony and if you ask me, its not going anywhere, anytime soon.




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