This Must Be Love: Skeletons Of English Couple Found Holding Hands 700 Years After Death

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The skeletons of a pair of lovers buried holding hands in a final embrace have been unearthed by Archaeologists with the University of Leicester while excavating the “lost chapel of St. Morell.

The pair is believed to have been buried together 700 years ago in a joint tomb under the “lost chapel of St. Morell,” which overlooks the small village of Hallaton in Leicestershire, England.

The archaeologists, who said there are likely to be more skeletons in the ground, were not certain why the people were buried there rather than in the main church in the village. They said it was possibly a special place of burial for pilgrims.

In the midst of other skeletons was an older male apparently killed by a sharp implement, such as a pole axe, to the head, according to Vicki Score, project manager for University of Leicester Archaeological Services.

A young male was buried in a pit with his legs raised to his chest, which archaeologists said was possibly the result of a disease, she said.

It is a very touching scene and very rare, whoever buried these people likely felt that communicating their relationship was just as important in death as it was in life.



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