This Is Why Your Boyfriend Finds You Annoying

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You know the saying, “Love isn’t enough”?

It means you can be in love with someone but there might be things that can tear you apart despite how strongly you feel for this person.

Things like, family, psychological issues, financial issues, religious issues and individual attitudes.

Women tend to be more patient and they sometimes have all the time in the world to watch their man evolve and change and become a better person.

Men don’t usually have that time.

And any of the things mentioned below, can make a man run away from you as fast as possible because he does not have the luxury of time to wait while you behave like a child.

Taking it outside

Whenever you have issues, you should learn to settle it with each other. Media personality, Toke Makinwa mentioned on a recent episode of Moments with Mo, that not even siblings should be allowed into your relationship (especially marriage) wahala when she was discussing the infamous elevator incident featuring JayZ, Bey and Solange.

Men don’t like women who carry their troubles outside the relationship. Learn to find a way to handle it.


Nobody, not even women can stand a nagging partner. It gives you a headache faster than Lagos traffic. So keep the nagging on a downlow and try to figure a way out of purging your emotions any time you feel wronged.

You’re all up in his business

You stalk his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, look for a way to know what is going on with his LinkedIn account and would do anything to access his BBM and see the girl he talks to the most.

You need to seriously chill on the FBI ish, because you are likely to be driving him away every passing second.

You don’t give him his space

You are always choking him. Asking him why he is hanging with the boys this week when they did it last week. You don’t understand why you can’t go with him to every place he is at, including the toilet.

See, no man likes to be choked. He would find you annoying and soon begin to find you incompatible.

You’re always acting like a kid

You can’t seem to take care of anything without running to him for help. And you always seem to want help from him all the time.

See, if he wanted to date a toddler, he would look in a creche. Grow up or risk being found annoying and later dumped.

Trying to change him

Even women find this obnoxious when their partners do it. Nobody should be forced to change. Change happens naturally and is best when the person embraces it and willingly lets it happen.

You force someone, it blows up in your faces and he finds you annoying.

Refusing to say what it is

You tell him there is a problem,then you refuse to say what exactly it is.

Because you want him to plead and beg and make you feel like a princess before you say what it is he has done.

That’s ridiculous.

He pissed you off, say what it is! Stop dancing around the point and annoying him.


What each man finds annoying varies and some of the things your mind finds annoying might not be on this list. Watch out for the little signs and work on it, if you want to keep this man.



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