Things To Be Badass At Without The Help Of A Man

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Its great to have someone by your side who helps you get things done all the time. What’s greater is when you actually achieve all these things by yourself.

Women who handle their stuff have been known to get respect from their men without even trying hard. Don’t we all just want to be that type of woman?

The woman who has a successful man but can still hold her own? Like King Bey, Angelina Jolie and every other woman who has a succesful man but still holds her own.

Here are a few things you should be bad at and that would make your man proud of you.

-Paying your own bills: You don’t need your man to hand you money to take care of your personal needs because guess what? You already handled it before he even offered.

You fuel your car, you buy your clothes, you pay for your own hair. Trust me, you will turn him on simply by  breathing and he would respect you forever.

-Taking care of things while he isn’t there: Or before he comes along. Being able to handle a situation before your man comes around is a very strong thing to do. This shows you can hold your own whether or not he is not there.

-Making decisions: Like don’t wait for him to pick up the phone before you will know what decision to make regarding anything.

Your decisions should be made with or without him being present.

-Taking care of yourself: You don’t need a man’s approval before you work your ass into shape or eat healthy or look good. Of course, you can ask for his suggestions while you are doing it. But you should be able to take care of everything regarding you whether or not he is there to help out.

-Dealing with your own issues yourself: Because your man might not be available all of the time, you have to find a way to deal with everything without him.

From emotional to internal to physical issues, you have to learn how to deal with these things whether or not he is there to hold your hands through them.

-Your career: You don’t need a man to get better at what you do. Kick ass, run things and be a badass at your work.

Nothing will make him prouder than when his baby knows her stuff.



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