The Guaranteed Way To Hook Mr Right

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Because he needs to be hooked…

There are a million and one ways to hook Mr Right but I wouldn’t be giving you up to a million, I’ll just stick with a few.

Know what you are looking for: If you know what you are looking for then it would help you discover it when it comes.

Its the first rule to finding your Mr Right.

Work on yourself: So that when Mr Right comes by, you would be good enough to hook him.

Look in the right places: Yes, Chris Brown’s New Flames might be making you think maybe true love might be hanging in the club after all.

But truth is, most relationships that work and last don’t start inside a club.

When a man is going to the club, he is going to have mad fun, drink, dance and have mindless sex. He is not going there with a ring, or lines or a proposal for his future wife.

He comes when you are not looking: Might sound cliche, but Mr Right might come along just when you are not looking or trying too hard.

Be ready to take a little bit more bs: And by this I am not saying you should stick with crap or lower your standards. I am saying, a lot of people do things we all believe are too low for us to stoop down to.

But if we keep pushing everyone with a little flaw away, then you might shove your Mr Right through the door without knowing.

Mr Right isn’t perfect, because nobody is perfect.

So be ready to see someone who’s a bit flawed, because you are not perfect yourself.

Just ask yourself if its flaws you can work on or something you have to run away from.

Dress fine, be smart, be super duper intelligent: Let Mr Right see how beautiful you are on the inside and the outside so he would see every reason not to walk away.


Have you hooked Mr Right? Tell us how you did it!




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