Taming The Dragon: How To Handle Your PMS

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PMS, also referred to as Premenstrual syndrome are signs/ways your body/hormones act when your period is very much around the corner. This is usually a week or two to the D-day and it can be horrible.

PMS ranges from mood swings to cramps to loss of appetite to you acting totally different.
What makes it worse is that PMS can ruin your entire day. That is, if you are very moody and your mood is swinging back and forth like pendulum, then you can yell at everyone close, have a bad day at work and be irritated by the slightest thing.

You can also make your man feel horrible during this period if he is around you.

Because PMS has no particular treatment, there are ways you can tame this lion and stop it from ruining your day and everything else that matters.

Ways which include;

Be really prepared: When your period is approaching, you should take precautions regarding the day. Asides from buying sanitary towels and painkillers, you should exercise more often to reduce mood swings and eat foods that are rich in Vitamin B6 and calcium.

Do really fun things: Because when you are alone or when you are in a work/serious environment, you are likely to get easily worked up, riled up or frustrated. So, instead of sulking and almost bursting out because your PMS is making you overthink everything happening around you, then you can go to the movies, go shopping, hangout with the girls, hang around the boo or whoever makes you laugh hard and understands you.

Stick with your people: If you have PMS, then people close to you are most likely to have witnessed you in this period. So here is what you would do, stick with your people, you know your girls or guys or whoever makes this particular period easier to bear.

The good thing about this is that, they already know what you are going through and they would do everything to get you out of the mood.

Stay alone: If you are like me, then  something as random as “How are you” can set you off and make you angry. If your PMS is not going to allow you hang around friends or your man, then stay alone and do fun things alone.

Rather than go out and pick random fights with people because you are overly emotional, stick with yourself and do things only you loves doing.

Eat chocolates, lots of it: Apparently, a lot of women crave chocolates during PMS or during the period itself. This is said to be as a result of serotonin, a chemical in the brain that chocolate helps your brain to release and that makes you feel happy while giving you a cool sort of high.

However, dark chocolates are said to be best for this situation because they work best at releasing serotonin.

Understand your body and how it works: So according to research, you cannot have varying PMS symptoms in different months.

That is, if you have swollen painful boobs and get easily irritated this month, that is what it would be next month and all of the months.

So you are not getting irritable moods this month and just craving everything next month. It is usually the same PMS symptoms.

So find out how your body  behaves when you have PMS. When you know this, then it would be easy for you to know what to do and how to handle it without causing world war 3 when PMS visits.



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