SCOAN Releases Another Video Of Collapse, Says It Was An Attack On The Church [VIDEO]

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The Synagogue, Church of All Nations has released a new video showing the collapse of the building.


In this new video, the bottom of the building is shown as people walk around. The building suddenly collapses as people scamper for safety.

At the end of the video is a still shot which shows the extent of the collapse, with ‘floors piled atop each other.’

The church is still adamant that the collapse was not ordinary, as it wrote on its Facebook page, “the church views this tragedy as part of an attack on The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations.”

Watch the video below.



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  1. what a contracdiction………………………1st camera showed 11.50am while 2nd camera showed 1.30pm. did it collapsed twice? deliberate attempt to play on peoples concience. human lifes have been lost and the guilty shall pay

  2. people of God what ever happen in Nigeria at scoan is not for man to judge, because my Bible tells me do not judge . if you are truly a child of God let speak and the truth will be revealed. God is not man to mock and He does thing at His own time. God’s time is the best , the truth will be revealed.

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