SCOAN Building Collapse: Church Claims Explosives Were Detonated Inside Building

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The Synagogue, Church of All Nations has claimed that the collapse of one of its buildings that lead to the loss of over 80 lives was a “controlled demolition.”

A spokesman for the church’s Emmanuel TV, Mr. Ken Emeakayi, claimed the airplane which was caught on camera had a part to play in the collapse.

“We are investigating the incident for the world to know what actually happened. When you look at the clip you will see that it was not just the aircraft hovering. At the point of the incident, there was explosion.

“It is possible they were either dropped or planted and the aircraft will have to come and detonate it.”

“The persons in the building said that the noise they heard suggested that it was an explosion. Those involved in the act may not have been aware of the security cameras.”

“With modern technologies explosive devices could be detonated without a loud noise.”

“There were about four explosives that were detonated in the building from the much the CCTv could capture and because we know that there would be fragments from the explosive, we are calling for an investigation,” he said.



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  1. Let God Speak and he speak. The Man of God TB Joshua is not guilty of anything. People should not blame him for anything, dont forget the good dids God has displayed through his ministry astonshing and proof seen with our own eyes which is not common in other ministries. .

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