Rihanna And Katy Perry Plan On Crushing Taylor Swift At The MTV EMAS

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Taylor Swift might have more celeb pals than you can fit in the average village hall, but it sounds like Katy Perry and Rihanna might not be on the guest list for her next party after reports that the two rival popstars are supposedly plotting to ‘bring down’ Swifty when they all hit the MTV EMAs in November.

A bit more Game of Thrones than Gossip Girl, the two singers have supposedly fallen out with Taylor and it’s said to be all based on Swifty’s new track Bad Blood, that’s apparently a dig at a so far unnamed popstar.

Deciding she no longer wants to bake cakes made out of rainbows and smiles, Taylor has already revealed that the song set to feature on new album 1989 is actually about a rival singer who she reckons ‘tried to sabotage the entire Red arena tour’.

After whispers and a cryptic tweet from K-Pez herself, word on the street is that the dig might just be about the Teenage Dream singer. Turns out she might not be letting El Swifty get away with that either and according to reports, Katy has apparently now teamed up with Rihanna for a spot of revenge when they all head to the MTV EMAs later this year.

“She and her friends, including Rihanna, are planning on totally embarrassing her at the awards in front of the world,” an insider source apparently told Heat.

“They’ve even said they’re just going to talk all the way through her performance and make fun of her dance moves, like Rihanna did to Ariana Grande at the iHeartRadio Awards.”
Not sure that’s quite as dastardly as it could be, but the source went on: “And if she does try to speak to them and pretend things are OK, they’ll walk in the opposite directiob, ruining any plans Taylor might have to make it look like it’s all fine.”

Frankly this is WAY to Mean Girls for us to deal with right now, but apparently it all kicked off after Katy’s ‘Watch out for the Regina George in sheep’s clothing’ tweet when Taylor tried to call up K-Pez and got totally rej-d.

“Taylor would not stop calling Katy,” the insider added. “She was contantly trying to get in touch with her, so in the end Katy just blocked her number. Embarrassingly, Taylor had no idea and kept on trying, until a mutual friend broke the news.

“Taylor was fuming, but Katy just finds the whole thing funny.”



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