Project Fame 7.0: Ugo Gets Tongue-lashed By Uncle Ben

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Mummy J started her class by congratulating them all for being the final eight in the competition and also for being the first eight as it was normal for the numbers of contestants in the academy at this stage to be less than eight. She told them they were all performers and entertainers and that despite the fact they were happy to be the final eight, they still felt unhappy to see Shola leave the academy indicating their level of maturity as the competition progressed. She told them it’s a leveled playing field at this stage as all the votes previously gathered is no more considered saying this would help to know who the audience liked.

She asked them what they felt about swear words saying the use of them was a sign of narrow vocabulary range and it was advisable to read widely and broadly to improve their song writing skills. The contestants thereafter left for the Beat 99.9 FM to canvass for votes. Therein, Ugo shared his feeling of guilt for not voting Shola- who he regarded as his friend, to remain in the academy. He said he believed he was one of the best contestants in the house.

However, on getting back home, Ugo got the shock of his life as Uncle Ben called him a back stabbing Leach” and hypocrite for Shola to call Ugo his friend as he was one of the people that voted him out. Uncle Ben then moved on to the day’s proceedings by helping the contestants with the arrangements of their musical notes.

Ms Ige’s class was also about helping the contestants perfect their personal compositions for the weekend’s performance.

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