Project Fame 7.0: Gala Night, Contestants Perform African Hits

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The gala night commenced with an introduction of the guest judge for the night, Kenny ” Keke” ogungbe and proceeded with an interview of friends and families of the contestants remaining in the house. Most expressed support for their favourite contestants.

Joba, an alumni was asked who he felt was going to win, he expressed his love for Geoffrey and Ruky.

Debbie kicked off the show with Niyola’s “Hold back”. Ade Bantu said it’s one of the few moments he was proud of her saying her voice didn’t tremble and she was connected but told her to be careful of her notes. Ms Ige said she agreed as her hard work had payed off saying it was beautiful.

Daniella sang Jolly by season 3 winner Chidinma. Judge TY-MIX said she started out nicely but she was distracted as it went on saying she sounded shrill at some point but said it was decent in all. Mummy J said it was an improvement for her as she actually moved telling her that even if the audience didn’t respond, it doesn’t mean they weren’t listening. She said she however started and ended well.

Emeka came on next to perform “Beautiful Onyinye” by P-Square. Kenny Ogungbe told him he performed well and the crowd routed for him. He however told him not to get carried away as he will be away from the business. Kaffy however said he knows where he is coming from but should not discard Keke’s advice. She admonished people to keep voting for him.

Rukky on her part sang “Johnny” by Yemi Alade. Bibi Brews said she was evolving as she stayed in character, adding she was agreeable to watch. Uncle Ben said they’ve stretched her well and yet she’s tough. He called her performance amazing.

Oritsefemi’s “Double wahala” was performed by Geoffrey. He had the audience on their feet cheering for him and singing along as he sang. Judge Ade Bantu said he was exceptionally talented saying the question was what was he going to do with it. He said he showed his vocal dexterity by pushing himself well. Ms Ige said she looked out for what an artist performing another’s song brings to it. She said he made it beautiful and effortless by performing fearlessly and beautifully.

Clement sang “Antenna” by Fuse ODG. The artist cheered gleefully as Judge TY-MIX said he was a great and energetic performer pointing out that he was always pushing himself but telling him to balance his performance and singing. Kenny Ogungbe said he deserved an applause for his performance. Mummy J said he was proof that there was a silver lining in every cloud; his choreography was spot on but told him his microphone control should be worked on.

Ugo sang “Igwe” by D’banj. Ade Bantu was disappointed; his delivery was not excellent as he was unable to connect with the audience. Kaffy said he shouldn’t discard what the judge said as he made a disconnect with the audience. She told him not to fret as they would work on him.

Christian performed last, singing “Kiss Your Hands ” by R2bees. He got a standing ovation from all the judges and the audience. Judge Bibi said at the stage of the competition, that was what they wanted to see. TY-MIX said he multi tasked well, Kenny Ogungbe congratulated him saying he should be ready to shine over the world. Uncle Ben said it was mind blowing, adding that he was extraordinary and blessed.

The show rounded up with the hosts Joseph Benjamin and Bolanle Olukanni telling viewers and the audience to vote for their favorite contestants.

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