Project Fame 7.0: Day 66. Mummy J Gives Financial Advice

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Academy day 66 was a day for the contestants to learn the benefits of being prudent with the financial resources they will get to accrue as stars. Mummy J started the class by telling the contestants to describe in their own words what they’ve learnt on finance.

Ugo speaking on behalf of the other contestants, started off by saying they had learnt a whole from different experts in the music industry who had come to the house as guests. He said the guests offered sound financial advice which included investing in other business ventures asides the music business and not indulging in reckless and unnecessary spending. He also said they had learnt the importance of watching and controlling habits that required excessive spending.

Thereafter, Mummy J directed the conversation to investment. She asked the contestants the various ways they could direct their investments asides the music industry. A range of investment opportunities were discussed ranging from real estate to shopping malls. Mummy J however cautioned them, saying it was better to go for something attainable in order not to avoid getting discouraged. She advised that a monthly budget and overall discipline would help to curb excessive spending.

Emeka and Christian also reminisced about their time in the Project Fame academy. Emeka named his worst time in the house as when he was put on probation while that of Christian’s was TY-MIX’s description of his worst stage performance.

The contestants ended the day with a brief session with Kaffy who highlighted the importance and opportunities that will come forth from them performing their best and worst songs since being in the academy.




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