Project Fame 7.0: Academy Day 61, Contestants Get Reunited

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The contestants got a wonderful surprise on academy day 61 as they walked into the academy only to be welcomed by friends and family. There was shouting and screaming as the contestants smiled and hugged their families respectively.

It was an emotional and joyful scene to behold as the contestants got reunited with their families whom they had been away from for months. The interesting part of the occasion was that each contestant was granted a private session with their visiting family members.

Ugo was the first to commence the private sessions with his brother who informed him that everyone was looking forward to the final moments of the show. He told him they were all praying for his success in the academy.

Next up was Clement who was informed by his uncle of the massive campaign and voting done for him by friends and acquaintances back home in Ghana.

Christian was visited by his close friend who offered him words of encouragement. His friend informed him that they believed he would triumph as winner in the show.

Geoffrey was informed of the goodwill he had from home and was also told of how much his mother was praying for him. Rukky and Debbie were informed of happenings from home by Rukky’s father who told them that they were winners.

More so, Daniella was told by her father how much worth of airtime was spent by him in gathering votes for her.

Emeka was the last among the contestants to see his mum. He was delighted as he prayed with her and got information from home. Emeka and his mum danced out to meet the other contestants and their families in the living room. Each contestant then took turns to introduce themselves to their fellow contestants family members.

It was and interesting day in all as the family members bid goodbye to the contestants.

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