Project Fame 7.0: Academy Day 59, Mummy J Gives Lessons On Crowd Control

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Academy day 59 was a day filled with learning as Mummy J gave the contestants lessons on how to get themselves out of the logjam of an antagonistic and unresponsive audience. Mummy J’s class was full of information for the contestants on how to manage and control an antagonistic crowd.

She told the contestants that it took determination and love for music for them to get on stage. She told them that handling a situation where the crowd goes cold is part of what made a good performer. Mummy J advised the contestants that one of the best ways of controlling an antagonistic crowd was for them to detach themselves from the crowd and pretend that the crowd was warm and friendly towards them. This she said would help to ease tension if ever they found themselves in such situation.

After Mummy J’s class, Cobhams Asuquo’s class commenced. As always, the contestants were ecstatic to have him help them with their personal compositions. This time around, he worked with Rukky and Geoffrey in improving their personal compositions, giving instructions and corrections where necessary as they rehearsed.

He corrected the song modulations while also imputing in the lyrical arrangements of their songs. Cobhams encouraged Geoffrey and Rukky not to lose control of their voices as they performed, saying Rukky’s melody required a bit of vocal prowess.

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