Project Fame 7.0: Academy day 47, Clement And Flourish Settle Their Differences As 2Face Idibia Visits The Academy

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As clement and Flourish were prevented from attending classes due to the fight they had previously, they both used the time to have a heart to heart talk with each of them baring their minds on the cause of the rancour between them. They both apologised to each other, hugging to make up. The make up session for Flourish and Clement happened during Kaffy’s class.

Mummy J forgave them and they attended her class. She made the contestants reminisce about their most embarrassing moments in the academy. Shola’s story of how he took a lady out on a date and being unable to afford the bill drew laughter from the contestants. Emeka on the other hand described his happiest moment as when he got got a call from Uncle Ben telling Him he had made the final 24 list that would make it into the Academy. His description of his elation and happiness drew laughter and cheers from his fellow contestants.

The contestants were in for the surprise of their lives when 2Face Idibia made a surprise visit to the house. The contestants were ecstatic especially Rukky who fell to the ground with joy on sighting 2Face. He told the contestants that they were making his head swell with their warm reception. The contestants bombarded 2Baba with lots of questions amongst which was how he managed to stay humble through the fame and money. He responded by saying his humility was acquired from his parents. He also told the contestants that he gets inspiration for his songs from nature and everything around him.

After the question and answer session, the contestants took turns to perform 2Face’s songs while he also sang to the delight of the contestants.

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