Post Cheating Phase: How To Rebuild Trust In Your Relationship

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Cheating ruins a lot of things in the relationship and most times, couples don’t recover from it.

Its hard to recover from your trust being thrown back at you to be honest, but who says you can’t rebuild the trust especially if what you feel for this person trumps this cheating thing?

This article is for the wronged and the one who did the wrong. Let’s go.

let it all go

This is going to be very hard because whether you like or not, what this person has done will come to mind every once in a while and would most likely, hurt you the way it did the first time. However, since you have made up your mind to move on with him/her, you have to find a way to let it go.

Remember the good things/times, remember that this might make you feel miserable but you would be more miserable if this ends. Remember that healing don’t just happen, you have to take baby steps. And don’t be afraid to take those steps.

Purge every bitterness and unhealthy feeling

Because those won’t make you move forward and because bitterness doesn’t help you grow, you have to let go like immediately.

When the ill feelings are gone, it would be easy to love again.

Be open

This goes for the cheater in the relationship, this is not the time to not tell the whole truth. Be open with everything that happens around you. Remember this is a very tricky time and anything you do can just worsen what’s already damaged.

So don’t lie, don’t say half truths and don’t hide anything from your partner.

Don’t say things you’ll regret later

Because both of you are in a very bad place right now, you are most likely going to be throwing a lot of emotions around. So try not to say things that will cause more harm that has already been caused. Don’t say things that you don’t mean and that might cause you both troubles later.

Remember the good times

Bring those really good memories back. It would help you through this hard times.

Don’t let in a third party

This is a very hard time, yes. But letting in a third party in all your business might worsen rather than help the situation. This is about you both alone. And no matter how helpful the third person is, you should not bring them in during this period. It will likely escalate this whole thing.

Seek professional help

Shrinks might not be very popular around here, but there are loads and loads of counsellors and people who help you through tough times in your marriage/relationship.

Talk to one of these types of people and let them help you through this very hard time.

Set your eyes on the light at the end of the tunnel

Because you know you really want this reconcilation and you want this relationship no matter what is going on at the moment, set your eyes on the time when all of it will be behind you and you will be happy again.

Don’t focus on now. If you do, you will never make it to tomorrow.


And that is the ultimate way to get over a betrayal and to rebuild trust, is by forgiving the person who wronged you. If you do not forgive, then you can never move on.



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