Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Responds To Divorce & Adultery Allegations – “I’m A Man Of God”

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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has finally responded somewhat to the allegations made by wife Anita.

The pastor talked about the whole issue during the church’s monthly global communion service, saying that he was a man of God and not a preacher, and that the allegations were crazy.

“I heard that some media houses – especially in Nigeria – are writing some things against me. All sorts of frivolous charges, that’s crazy,” he said. “You have to understand something about a man of God. A man of God is not just someone who worships God or preaches God. A man of God is handpicked by God, set on course by God. If you study the scriptures, you will not find one man of God go against God, sinning against God. “The only things you might find will be a man of God, maybe in two different kinds of ways. Moses, for example; when he struck the rock twice, [he] was provoked by the anger of the people. [It was] not because he wanted to do something against the Lord. No man of God does something against the Lord. “Are you hearing me? A man of God is set on a course; there is a type of life that he is given. Then you have a young man, a young prophet; he wasn’t named; he was deceived by another man of God and so he went in a direction that God said ‘don’t go’. “That is the only kind of thing you find about a man of God when he misses the message of God or he acts beyond what God said. But a man of God settles himself in the fight against the world… like those writing those silly things about me, that I did this and I did that. “You don’t know who a man of God is. I don’t go in that direction. I wasn’t accused of the things you said, nor did I commit those silly things that you said and I don’t need to go into that level in such discussions.

Jesus Christ was accused by many – a lot of frivolous charges. There will always be those who would like for it to be true. But you know, in spite of the accusations against Jesus, It didn’t change who he was. It didn’t change him. “There are preachers and there are men of God. I am not a preacher; I am a man of God and I go in the way I’m asked to go. It may cause some troubles with individuals but that’s not because I have done something wrong and when it comes to Reverend Anita, what I will say to you is ‘pray for her’. “Don’t act like those people. If you are married to a man of God, it doesn’t make you automatically mature. You can make mistakes; you can do something that is wrong. But some people expect the wife of a minister to definitely be at the level of that minister and so they may be looked upon and the expectation may be like that, but it’s a positional thing. “If a man of God is married, it doesn’t automatically mean that the wife of a man of God is therefore a woman of God. That’s not the way it is in the Bible.

That’s why you don’t really find the wives of men of God mentioned in the Bible. How many of them? Who was Peter’s wife, did you ever know her name? You never find that out. Who was John’s wife? Did you ever read the name? What about all the other Apostles? How many of their names are written in the Bible. You never find their names.” At this point, one of the female pastors sought to know why the names of wives of the men of God were not found in the Bible. Oyakhilome’s response was that she should ask God whenever she finds him. “Why? You ask God when you find him. Ask God when you find him,” he exclaimed. “So, they are little things; don’t try to make something big out of them. So when journeying, doing the things that God called us to do, Christians should not have a divorce; it shouldn’t be but you see, that doesn’t mean a Christian may not take the step. “They may do it but [they] have to make things right and we shouldn’t take one another to court. But when it happens, not that we don’t just want to go, it means someone is taking us there. That’s a problem, but be wise and stay focused in the word of God and don’t let those who want to feast on things like this, including Christians… “There are Christians who like things like this; they want to make something big out of this: ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah, we said it’. You said what? Judge nothing before the time. Be wise. Glory to God. “So we are not working in sin and living in sin and hoping that we can mix sin and righteousness together. We are the manifestation of his righteousness. We walk in that light only, and that’s the way it’s gonna be.”



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    1. This is very amazing, infact a sure sign that either many christians are not studying the word of God enough or they are being taught wrong things. Take time and study the word for yourself! You will find that words against men of God are fatal. For example Mirriam and Arron they accused Moses that he thought he was the only one to whom God spoke!(Numbers 12:10 When the cloud lifted from above the tent, Miriam’s skin was leprous –it became as white as snow. Aaron turned toward her and saw that she had a defiling skin disease) Moses had done a wrong thing yes yet Mirriam had no right to open her mouth against a man of God in her capacity.Many of you are either infidels or novices about these matters yet get to know that ignorance has never defended any man in this world. If you have a true Pastor go to them and let them guide you well on this issue. A man who lied that he had killed King Saul thought he was doing David a favour but David asked him why he was not afraid to touch the Lord’s anointed and ordered that his head be slashed with a sword. The Apostle Paul commanded blindness to come on simeon who was trying to cheapen the anointing of God by offering money to buy it. No man in the whole world manufactured the anointing, it comes from God and he is the defender of his anointing such that we can see both men of God who were wrong and right had God come their way to defend his anointing in their life. Allow God to deal with men of God and judge them; stay pure and do not contaminate your mouth with evil or you may be burying your destiny without knowing. I am not a Christ emmbassy member yet atleast I know what the word of God says about the anointing. It is beyond a man you see. If you dare to fight God then you are in trouble. This is not soccer that calls for analysts; when God sent Rev Chris you were not there! For those who call his speech pride; I am sure the issue is your level of relating things is your major problem. How could youthat bitter to a level where you desire evil to happen for another man? A christian is to walk in love at all times this includes love for our enemies and those who persecute us! How much more a man who has never even talked to you. These are the teachings of Jesus. Mind you this is not Islam where you have to take a gun and defend religion as noted in Syria and Iraq NO! CHRISTIANITY TEACHES love and forgiveness yet Rev Chris has not done anything wrong; the issue as far as I know is very domestic. Many who are commenting here you either divorced or are trying to divorce or are thinking of lusting after someone but not even your father has been allowed to comment on your issues. Beloveds if you are not born again it is time to come to Jesus NOW! if you are born again its time to pray, remember we war against spiritual forces not flesh and blood. so this is not physical.

    2. @The anointing: Please read your Bible very well. While I am not here to criticize pastor Chris, I feel compelled to correct you. The Bible says, “Those elders who sin should be rebuked in public so that it will serve as a strong warning to others.” (1 Timothy 5:20). The Bible doesn’t say that people should keep quiet even when a man of God is going off course and not acting in line with Scriptures. God is not in the business of covering up sins when a man of God sins. God is much more interested in His people not being led astray by the error of a man of God. In fact, the Bible encourages us to expose sins (Ephesians 5:11). God is no respecter of persons. When David committed adultery, God did not cover it up; He sent the prophet Nathan to expose it. The phrase “Touch not my anointed” has been badly misused and misquoted out of context by some Christians. Another passage in the Bible that has been so badly misused is “Judge not, that you be not judged”. These passages do not, in any way, imply that we should keep quiet when we see evil going on. It is rather unfortunate that some Christians do not understand basic principles of Scriptures, and the reason for this is that they have not studied the Word of God to show themselves approved as a workman who rightly divides the Word of truth. Instead of meditating on the Word of God, they choose to meditate on CDs, DVDs and literatures written by men. We worship men instead of worshipping God. We are ready to do whatever a man tells us to do but we won’t do what God says. The danger is that when that man goes astray, we go stray with him because we never really had any root in the Lord; our root was in a man, not in Jesus Christ. May God help us and open our eyes!

      I have not yet seen anywhere in my Bible that says we should shut up when we see things going the wrong way in the Church. If people like Martin Luther did not speak up against the Roman Catholic heathenism and dictatorship, there wouldn’t have been protestants, evangelicals and Pentecostalism today. These same churches who are the beneficiaries of criticisms are the most vociferous in condemning any audacity to criticize any wrong perpetuated in these evangelical/ Pentecostal churches today. For the Church to remain as the custodian of truth and morals, there must of a necessity, be a voice and stance against religious racketeering and unaccountability.

    3. @Patric if you so sure you read the scripture well:-
      First you should have realized who Paul here( in 1 Timothy 5:20) is talking to: To Timothy who was either a Pastor/Leader/Elder of all those he was told to reprove. Not everyone can just go around reproving and rebuking anyone like that. There is order and hierarchy in church. Even at home you don’t go around rebuking and reproving everybody. It is for the Pastor/Leader/Elders to do that. Atleast you should have read a verse just on top of the verse you quoted (verse 19). I wonder which witnesses you have. And the one you qouted (verse 20) says “But those elders who are sinning…..” I wonder who is sinning here. And who has the prove of that.
      Secondly You qouted Ephesians 5:11 Where are the deeds of darkness you are exposing? Who did the deeds of darkness.

      Thirdly You are saying people read cd and dvds….and worship men instead of God. Here you are; a man, you want someone to read what you are writing and believe it. God speaks to men through a man. cds and dvds are just a transport of information. The bible can come in that format too. So please stop accusing what you do not know.

    4. @Advice: You need to re-read 1 Timothy 5:20. The English used in that verse is simple and straight-forward, so there should be no confusion at all. It says, “Elders who commit sins should be publicly rebuked”. Which elders? Church elders, of course! A Church elder could be a pastor, a deacon, or other leaders holding a position in the Church. It does not matter who the person is. Whether the elder is Timothy or Paul himself does not matter. An elder is an elder. I think this Bible verse is clear enough that even a primary school pupil will understand it. Paul told Timothy that “Church elders who sinned should be publicly rebuked”. This instruction applies also to Paul himself who was speaking. Why? Because God does not use a double standard to deal with senior pastors; in fact, God uses a higher standard to deal with senior pastors. Whatever applies to the “junior” elders also applies to the “senior” elders, and even more. For example, when apostle Paul writes that believers should not tell lies or commit fornication, he himself was not exempted. Everything he wrote to believers/ministers also applied to himself as well. Of course, every message in the Bible was originally addressed to a specific group of people, but all these messages apply to us today. Just because 1 Timothy 5:20 was addressed to Timothy’s Church does not mean it was specifically meant for ONLY that Church.

      You said I should have read 1 Timothy 5:19 which says, “Do not entertain an accusation about an elder unless it is brought by two or three witnesses”. So, what has verse 19 got to do with the issue we are discussing? Verse 19 did not say we should keep quiet if an elder commit a sin. It says we should entertain accusations against an elder if there are at least two witnesses to substantiate the allegation. In other words, if there are two or more people to testify to the sin committed by the elder, the allegation should be looked into, and verse 20 says that those elders found guilty of sinning should be publicly rebuked. So, what is your problem with verse 19? Verse 19 does not contradict verse 20. I purposely left it out in my first message because it wasn’t necessary to include it since that was not the main point I was trying to make.

      For you to think that 1 Timothy 5: 20 does not apply to “senior pastors” is very shocking and disturbing, to say the least. It is disturbing because that verse refers directly to senior pastors as well as other categories of church leaders. The Bible could not be clearer in this verse. It specifically mentions “elder” and it doesn’t matter whether that elder is in Timothy’s Church or in Paul’s Church or wherever. That elder could even be Paul himself or Timothy himself. It doesn’t matter. This verse shows that a man of God cannot simply misbehave and get away with it. There is accountability in the Church of God. The Bible does not teach people to keep their mouths shut when they see sin in a Church leader. Some people like you may not like this particular verse of Scriptures (1 Timothy 5:20) but who cares? Whether you like it or not does not change the truth of God’s Word. God’s Word is God’s Word. Even if you try to find another way to explain it away, it doesn’t change the truth of God’s Word.

      As for CDs, DVDs and literature written by men, these materials should not take the place of the Bible in the life of a believer. By the time a Christian spends so much time meditating on these materials instead of going directly to the Word of God, that person has a serious problem! You say God speaks to men through a man. Really? Sometimes, that may be the case but not always. Most times, God speaks to you through His Word (the Bible) and through His Spirit in you (the inner still small voice in you). The people of the Old Testament days did not have the Bible neither did they have the Holy Spirit. But today, we have the Bible and we have the Holy Ghost. So, you can go directly to God yourself and He will speak to you and reveal things to you. In the Old Testament, people could not go to God directly; they have to go through a prophet or priest in the temple, and there was usually a veil that separated the people from the holy of holies (the innermost part of the temple where only the priest could enter to meet God). But when Jesus died on the cross, the Bible says, “the veil of the temple was torn down” thereby giving us direct access to God. So, if you’re a believer today, you need to get to a level where you’re standing firmly in Christ without having to depend on any man for your personal relationship with Christ. When you first get born again, as a new born baby in Christ, you may need mature believers to help you grow in faith but you cannot continue to depend on them forever. You have to reach maturity and independence, and be able to consult God yourself and hear from God yourself. You don’t need another man to help you hear from God. There is a proper place for pastors in our lives, but God did not give us pastors so that we can remain immature and unable to stand on our feet. The most basic thing in a father-child relationship is communication. Tell me, if someone calls himself a child of God and yet he cannot hear from God, what kind of child is he/she to God?

      So, CDs, DVDs and literature should NEVER take the place of God’s Word in our lives. You can read these materials but be careful to not let them take the place of the Bible in your life. You should devote more of your time to studying and meditating on the Scripture than to studying any man-made literature or DVDs. Any material written by my pastor might be good but it is not and can never be the Word of God. It can NEVER replace the Word of God. Don’t you understand the difference? Dig into the Word of God yourself and let the Holy Spirit give you illumination and a Rhema from it. It is very important for a believer to be grounded on the Word of God so that when someone comes to you preaching a wrong doctrine, you will be able to spot it right away. If you’re not grounded on the Word of God, you can easily be led astray even by a “man of God”. Acts 17:11 says,”Now the Berean Jews were of more noble character than those in Thessalonica, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true.” The believers in Berea would go back to the Scriptures to check if what their pastor told them was indeed correct. That means these Berean Christians did not just accept everything their pastor (Paul) preached without verifying it. The Bible says they always went back home to thoroughly examine the Scriptures to see if what Paul preached or taught was in agreement with the Scriptures. But the Christians in Thessalonica did not go back to examine the Scriptures. As a result, the Bible was very pleased with believers in Berea and described them as being more noble people than the ones in Thessalonica. What an impressive virtue! How many people today behave like the Berean Christians? After absorbing a lot of stuff from CDs, DVDs and literature, do you go back to the Bible to verify if these things are in agreement with Scripture? Or do you digest all the stuff without verifying them? What type of Christian are you? Are you a Berean-type Christian or a Thessalonica-type Christian? I will leave you to answer for yourself.

      As for your other question about “who is sinning here”, “which deeds of darkness” and “who did the deeds of darkness”, I have no comment. I will not allow myself to be drawn into that issue. The thoughts I expressed in my first message were just general Biblical concepts without prejudice to the Chris-Anita issue. It seems you think you knew what I had in mind, but you’re wrong if that’s what you think. By the way, I am writing to express my thoughts based on Scriptures, and you can’t fault anything I have said on this forum because everything I have said has a sound scriptural basis. You don’t have to believe what I have said. If you like, keep worshiping men rather than God. God will not share His glory with any man.

    5. @Patric.

      Thank you for not getting involved in the issue at hand. It is too high for us. That was what @ The Anointing was saying.

      BUT in 1 Tim 5:19-20 You missed my point completely. About verse 20 I said: Paul was telling a Leader/Pastor (Timothy) to rebuke elders who sin. He was not telling every one in church(every member) to rebuke elders who sin. It was a Leader in church who has to rebuke them. That’s why I said even at home when a father did something wrong, It is not the children who rebuke the father. It is someone who is senior to him(uncles maybe) who are called to correct him. So in church there is a hierarchy, an order to follow. As a member in church you can not rebuke your Leader or Your Pastor. Timothy was a Pastor to those leaders he was told to rebuke. Paul was not telling the church to rebuke elders. He was telling Timothy to rebuke elders before the church. It is disrespect to rebuke your Pastor/Leader(especially in public) no matter what they did. Jude said even Michael the Arch angel did not put an railing accusation against the devil. Peter said they are those who are not afraid to speak evil of dignities, whereas angels, which are greater in power and might, do not bring railing accusation against them before the Lord.

      On verse 19 I was saying it clarifies verse 20; that an accusation against an elder is affirmed after 2-3 witnesses. That gives the mind of God concerning elders. Actually right from verse 1 God shows the way he thinks about an elder. And this is right through the scriptures. You will see God respect Leadership, because he is a leader, He raises leaders. This mentality of thinking we are all equal and anyone can just say what ever to who ever is misleading. There is order in this house of God.

      About CDs/DVDs; I think you have a misconception about CDs/DVDs. CDs/DVDs were never meant to replace anything. They do not replace the bible nor God. I am asking myself “Do you have a pastor?” “Do you ever listen to a Pastor teach the word” What is a Pastor to you, just a mere man?” You said we can go straight to God ourselves, that’s very true. But that does not in anyway mean we do not need (Apostles, Prophets, Evangelist, Pastors and Teachers and other church leadership) They are put in church BY God himself. Ephesians 4:11-12 says they are to perfect the saints. What they teach is from God, by the Spirit, and from the bible. You can not speak as if God do not need men to teach the word. All you read(the bible) God used men to write it. And he never stopped using men. Jesus told men (apostles) go around the world preaching the word. They have the same Holy Spirit. And they point us to the word of God, and to the Holy Spirit. You said in the old testament people did not have the bible, but they had the Law. The Law was a shadow of the bible. Yes we go directly to God but you can not outgrow your Pastors, revelation is progressive. As you grow, your pastor grows too. The bible says don’t forsake the habit (THE HABIT) of meeting together as a manner(as a character/attitude) of some is. If you think now you have grown enough, The more you are needed in church to help others to grow. You can’t be there alone and say “I have the bible and I have the Holy Spirit” WHO DO YOU SEE IN THE BIBLE WHO DID THAT? The bible teaches church. Church is leadership. Leadership is men.

      So a CD/DVD is a recorded teaching/message that was taught in church. It is meant to help you remember what was taught. And when you listen to it you listen to it referring to the bible and the Holy Spirit with you. The bible can be written in a paper, in a CD, DVD or medium of communication. God has never said his word should only be in a paper format. Actually he wants the word to be in your HEART more than all this format put together. You can put it in your heart through reading or listening to the word in any format. A record was put down about what Moses/David and the prophets(old testament) did. A record was put down of what Jesus our Lord and saviour Mathew-John) did, a record was put down of what the Apostles(Acts) did, and what Paul(Pauline letters) did. And God took that put it together and said these is my word. There is nothing wrong with making a record of what an Apostle, a prophet, a pastor etc is doing today. God is not against that. That can be in any format available today.

      About hearing God; Even you yourself there was a time that you did not hear God. Children of God are at different levels of growth. There are baby Christians, carnal Christians, and Mature Christians. All these are children of God. Hearing God is hearing the word of God. God and his word are one. As a Pastor your responsibility is to help them grow/mature, not to criticize. You do by love. God is love.
      If you know of any Christians who do not read/study search the scriptures you have to help those. Myself our CDs/DVDs will point you to the word. They are about the word of God. Actually every time our pastor quote the scripture, the scripture will be written for you to see and write down and take your bible and see if it is so. The problem is not the CD/DVD but what kind of a christian you are. Even where there are no CDs/DVDs people come to church without a bible! without anything to write what is said in to and go and re-check. So the challenge is not the CD/DVD. Actually the CD/DVD helps you to take that CD/DVD and sit down and home and critically know/check/refer/study what your pastor teaches. You can not tell me that when you come out of church you can remember all that was said. But a CD/DVD will help you remember what was taught. And you can check word by word if it is so!

    6. @Advice: I think you have seriously misunderstood 1 Timothy 5: 20. Are you telling me it is okay for a pastor to rebuke a Church member for committing a sin but the pastor himself can commit the same sin without being rebuked? That is a serious distortion of that passage. Since when did God start to use a double standard? Since when did God give a license to pastors to operate without accountability and with impunity”? When did God become a respecter of persons? Are pastors above the laws of God? That is food for thought.

      But at least I hope you agree with me that Church members can bring accusations against a pastor who sins. Church members should not keep quiet when they see a man of God living in sin. They should speak out. In 1 Timothy 5: 19, the Bible did not say it is wrong for us to bring accusations against a man of God. It says such accusations should be received and looked into if there are at least two witnesses to support the accusation. So it is unscriptural to expect people to keep sealed lips if, God forbid, a pastor is misbehaving. And we shouldn’t threaten those who speak out, because it is scriptural to speak out. If I have reasons to believe that my pastor is acting inappropriately in a manner inconsistent with scriptural teachings, God does not expect me to keep quiet and do nothing about it. God does not cover up sins for a pastor; He demands absolute repentance if there is any sin anywhere. A pastor could lead one million people to heaven but a single mistake by that same pastor could send one million people to hell.

      As regards the issue of pastors, please don’t get me wrong. I never said or meant to say that there was no role for pastors in our lives. Pastors have an indispensable role to play in our lives. God has given us the five-fold ministry gifts (pastors, teachers, prophets, evangelists and apostles) for building up the Church and for the perfecting of the work of the ministry. That is true. But you must recognise that the pastor is not God, and the voice of the pastor is not necessarily the voice of God. Secondly, the pastor’s messages in DVDs/CDs can NEVER replace the Bible in the life of a believer. If you’re a believer who is built up only on DVD messages from your pastor and you do not have a personal solid foundation on the Word of God, it is pathetic because you will be spiritually malnourished; you will suffer from spiritual kwashiorkor if you’re not feeding directly from Scriptures! When you have a personal foundation on the Word of God, you will get to the level where you will be prepared to say “NO” to your pastor when he is going against the Word of God. You will be able to say, “Pastor, I love and respect you but the step you have taken is against the Word of God and I cannot support you on this”.

      Personally, I am not against pastors. I thank God for good pastors. I respect pastors who live exemplary lives consistent with biblical principles. But I don’t want to be under a pastor whose life raises questions and whose utterances are inconsistent with Scriptural doctrines. The truth is that if you see your pastor as your God and his books/DVDs as your Bible, then everything he does will be correct in your own eyes, and even when he is going stray you will not detect it. The Bible says, “a man of God should be blameless and above reproach”. This is so important. Even if the pastor has not actually sinned, he should not live in a way that will even give people the opportunity to raise questions about his life or become suspicious about his life. I have a pastor and I have always had pastors in my life since I got born again. I am not a CE member. One thing I love most about the pastors who brought me up in my spiritual journey is that they always encouraged me to go back to the Word of God. Each time I looked unto them, they directed me to look unto Jesus. They helped me to grow in the Lord. They always directed me back to the Bible. They taught me how to consult God myself. They did not give me the impression that they were the link between me and God; they never made me to believe that the only way I could connect with God was to go through them. The role of the pastor should be a supportive role to help you grow in Christ so that you can stand on your feet. A good pastor will not even encourage people to look unto him; instead, he will direct their gaze away from himself and unto God.

      The other point you need to be aware of is that being a pastor does not necessarily make you a teacher. Are you aware of that? The five-fold ministry (pastors, teachers, apostles, evangelists and prophets) are actually different ministry offices which God enlists people into. each ministry is different. God may call a man to be a pastor but that man may not be gifted to teach the Word. God may give the teaching gift to another man in the same church. Many people don’t seem to understand this difference. They think that if you’re a pastor, you must automatically be a teacher, a prophet, an evangelist and everything. But it is not so. It is supposed to be like a division of labour in the Church. But because people do not study the Bible, they wrongly assume that a pastor must also be a teacher and he must also be a prophet as well as an evangelist. If you’re called to pastor and you don’t have the gift of prophecy or teaching, just stay in your area of calling. That is not to say that a man cannot be gifted in more than one area. Also, each ministry gift is equally as important as the other. The pastoral gift is not more important than the teaching or prophetic gift or evangelist gift. They are all equally important and are meant to complement each other.

      In those days, when people got born again, the first gift they received from the Church was a copy of the Bible. But today, we hardly see people distributing Bibles to new converts. All we see is sale of books, CDs and DVDs in the Church. No Bibles are distributed or even sold any longer. If we are really concerned about the spiritual welfare of brethren, we should be distributing Bibles in the Church especially to new converts. The Church has become a business centre where marketing activities take place on a colossal scale. There is a lot of buying and selling going on in some Churches today, and this is really unfortunate! Church members are given monthly sales targets to meet and if these targets are not met in a timely fashion, they are punished in one way or another. That leaves me wondering what the real objective is here – to market products or to cater to the spiritual wellbeing of believers? If Jesus were to attend some of our Churches today, would He not take a whip and drive out all the marketers? In Matthew 21: 12 – 13, the Bible says, “And Jesus entered the temple and drove out all those who were buying and selling in the temple, and overturned the tables of the money changers and the seats of those who were selling doves. And he said to them: “It is written, ‘MY HOUSE SHALL BE CALLED A HOUSE OF PRAYER’; but you are making it a ROBBERS’ DEN.” If Jesus were to enter some of the Churches today, He would probably take a cane and drive everybody out for turning the Church into a business center.

      You said you wonder if I have listened to pastor Chris’ messages? Sorry, I don’t listen to pastor Chris’ messages because I don’t need them. His messages have never inspired me to live a holy life. I have never heard him preach or teach any message on holiness/righteousness. I have never heard him teach on the importance of living a holy life as a believer and on the consequences of continuing to live in sin after becoming a Christian. I have never heard him teach any message on the fact that sin has consequences and on the fact that if you live carelessly in sin, you could miss heaven altogether. When I go to Church, I want my pastor to constantly remind of the fact that I am running a race in my spiritual walk with God and I must run well and finish the race in order to ultimately make it to heaven. Such reminders help to keep me on my spiritual toes. I don’t want a pastor who will condone my sins. I want a pastor who will teach me a sound and balanced doctrine. I want a pastor who will constantly challenge me to live righteously. I don’t want to live in sin and feel so comfortable in the Church even in my sins.

      May God help us all.

    7. @Advice: One more thing……As believers, this world is not our home. We’re pilgrims passing here on earth. Our ultimate focus should be to make it to heaven. After all the Church activities here on earth, after all the busy schedule and running around for Church work, after all the talking the talk of faith, after all the excitement, after all the speaking in tongues, and after everything, out what use will it be if we miss heaven? It will be the most miserable thing! It would have been better if we never even went to Church at all. The apostle Paul put it this way: “If only in this world we have hope, then we are of all men most miserable” (1 Corin.15:19). This life is very short and the second coming of Christ is imminent. A good pastor should constantly remind his flock of the importance of guarding against sin and always being ready for the second coming of Christ. The trumpet could sound any moment. And do you know what? The ONLY thing that will stop a believer from ultimately making it to heaven is SIN. God paid a heavy price for our sins, and anyone who takes the grace of God for granted by thinking that he or she can continue to live in sin and still go to heaven is seriously mistaken. It will not happen! The Bible says: “Shall we continue in sin so that the grace of God will abound? God forbid” (Romans 6:1). It’s interesting that this verse asks a question and answers the question itself. Another translation of the Bible puts it this way: “Shall we continue to commit sin so that God can keep on showing us more and more kindness and forgiveness? God forbid!”. Even apostle Paul himself said, “I discipline my body and bring it under subjection, so that after preaching to other people, I myself will not be a cast away” (1 Corinthians 9: 27). Here is apostle Paul telling us that he had to discipline his own body and avoid sin so that after preaching to millions of people, he himself will not miss heaven. This is a powerful revelation in Scripture. It shows that it is very possible for a man of God to start the race well but end it tragically because of sin, and then miss heaven altogether. Sadly, there are people today who, even though are busy in the Church, are speaking in tongues and are performing signs and wonders, will miss heaven on the last day due to their carelessness in committing sins and failing to repent of their sins. Jesus said: “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you workers of iniquity!’ (Matthew 7: 21 – 23). From these words of Jesus, it is very clear that a lot of people will be disappointed on the last day!

      Forget about the false doctrines of Satan that tell people that once they’re born again, they will always be born again regardless of their lifestyle and even of they continually live in sin. They tell people that they can never lose their salvation once they get saved. Such a doctrine is a lie of the devil to give people the license to continue to commit sin so that they will miss heaven. This is why I earlier emphasized the need for each believer to study the Bible for himself and stop relying wholly on messages from other people. It’s good to listen to messages from ministers but their messages should not become your Bible. You must search the Scriptures for yourself just as the Berean Church did in the days of the apostles.

      1Tim. 4: 1-2, “Now the Spirit speaketh expressly that in later times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils..” One thing about this passage is crystal clear – that some will depart from the faith. Since it is not possible to depart from something you never possessed in the first place, it is obvious that this scripture is referring to believers who were once saved but who will fall away from the faith. Since the Bible mentions that some will depart from the faith, it means it is possibel for a believer to depart from the faith. Therefore, we conclude that it is possible to lose one’s salvation. If it wasn’t possible, the Bible wouldn’t have mentioned that some would depart from the faith.

      There are so many Bible passages that tell us that anyone living an unholy life will not make it to heaven. Hebrews 12: 14b says: “without holiness, no man will see God”. Hebrews 10: 26-29 further buttresses this fact: “For if we sin wilfully after we have received the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins, but a certain terrifying expectation of judgment and fury of a fire which shall consume the adversaries. He that despised Moses’ law died without mercy under two or three witnesses; How much more severer punishment do you think he will deserve who has trampled under foot the Son of God, and has regarded as unclean the blood of the covenant by which he was sanctified, and has insulted the Spirit of grace?” Here we have yet another clear Scriptural text that teaches that it is impossible for a believer who is living in sin to make it to heaven unless he or she repents. Paul says of such a person that there no longer remains a sacrifice for his sins but a certain expectation of judgment and fury of fire. We can go on and on to cite more Scriptures that prove beyond doubt that the unrepentant backslider inevitably loses his salvation. The whole Bible is replete with scripture verses that support this fact but I hope the few Scriptures we have examined here suffice.

      The Bible says we should work out our own salvation with fear and trembling (Ephesians 2: 12). This means God has His part to play and we have our own part to play. After we get born again, our lives must reflect fruits of righteousness. We cannot continue to commit sin and expect the grace of God to abound. God forbid! It is very possible for a believer to live a holy life because we have the Holy Spirit to help us.

      The Bible warns that Jesus is coming back soon to rapture a Church without spot or blemish. When you look around the world today and see what is happening, you need no prophet to tell you that we are in the very last days and Jesus could come back any moment from now. Many of the things that Jesus said would happen before He comes back again have already happened. The Bible admonishes us to be ready for the coming of Christ which can happen at any moment. How prepared are you? My prayer is that none of us will be disappointed on that day.


      May the Lord help His Church. May God help us all.

    8. Leaders must lead by example. True servants of God will accept correction and make right with God. The defensive stance Belongs to politicians. It is not too late. God will not ignore a contrite heart and a humble / broken spirit.

  1. My response to the divorce issue is directed to pastor Anita. Be the brave woman do not allow devils to steal your faith. What you were telling us about perseverance in faith is stricken back to you but not to kill you, God needs you to be strong and know who He is? read the book of Hosea and start to go deeper in books of Paul chapter by chapter. I like the best in Korith. 12 start from verse 7 you will get the point.
    To my Pastor The Man of God I humble myself unto you read the book of Titus.

  2. To quote Pst Chris…”If you study the scriptures, you will not find one man of God go against God, sinning against God.”….well, sir David was a man of God, anointed by the prophet Saul to be king and prophet in Israel. David was one of the greatest men of God in the Bible and He sinned against God when he committed adultery with Bathsheba and also killed Uriah. And he knew what he was doing when he committed these two sins…there weren’t done by accident. But God did forgive David completely because He is a God who forgives when we repent . Being a man or woman of God doesn’t mean you cannot commit sin…for the flesh is still corruptible even though the Spirit is renewed when one gets born again. Of course no Christian should intentionally sin or plan to sin…but it happens and when it does, admittance and repentance must follow. I don’t agree with his position on that. “Pray for Anita”…he says, but Pastor Chris should also ask people to pray for him. Everyone needs prayers, whether man of God or woman of God. Not that I’m speaking against him but it sounds like he’s saying he has been a perfect husband, father etc. No one is perfect so he should also ask his congregation to pray for him too. Also saying that just because a woman is married to a man of God doesn’t make her a woman of God isn’t right. To the best of my understanding of Scriptures, every one who has accepted Jesus Christ and has Christ and the Holy Spirit living in him/her is a man/woman of God because he/she has God living on the inside. However, not all are called and few are chosen. His entire statement (if he actually made it) could be interpreted as prideful by many people. I urge everyone who loves both Pastor Chris and his wife to pray for them both and to pray for the bod of Christ in general. May God help the church, the body of Christ. May God help us all.

    1. wow…y is it too difficult for us(christians) to learn humility n remove pride from us. Who was David? King or Priest? The bible says Lack of Knowlege, my ppl perish. Jesus said, u err not knowing d scriptures. What was wrong with Pastor Chris’ example abt dis? U commented dis way bcos u lack knowledge n u filled ur heart with pride bcos u want to talk. Judge nothing b4 d time. Was david anointed as a king or Priest? U see, all we need is d wisdom of God n not pride to start opening our mouth n allow any words to come out.

    2. @Chrisgya: But the Bible describes Saul and Samson as “the Lord’s anointed”. If they were not men of God, why did God anoint them? Read your Bible very well. When David had an opportunity to kill Saul, he said, “I will not touch the Lord’s anointed”. That clearly shows that Saul was God’s anointed and therefore a man of God even though he was also a king. And when Saul sinned against God, the Bible says, “the Spirit of God departed from him”. In other words, the anointing departed from him. Samson was a man who was specially anointed by God for signs and wonders, but we know how he ended up tragically on the laps of a woman. How about Aaron the priest? Aaron sinned against God by making golden calves as idols for the children of Israel to worship. Can any sin be greater than idolatry? Aaron was involved in idolatry. How about Moses, the prophet of God? Did Moses not sin against God? He did not enter the promised land that he worked so hard for. In fact, God used a much higher standard to judge Moses than He used for the other Israelites. I can go on and on. Please read your Bible and let nobody deceive you. We must be careful not to take God for granted or take His grace for granted, A word is enough for the wise!

    3. I agree it takes two to make or break a marriage. This is not a one sided issue and did’nt start overnight, so both people should take time to reflect what they could have done to avoid this situation. Man or Women of God, you are still human. The human part of you needs prayer either way. Bitter and Angry ? Where did that just pop up from ? Why wasn’t it handled ? Stop pushing the truth under the carpet of We’re_______________________________ all the things you confess. The world is watching ! We must push all proud, bitterness, anger and separation far away from the Body of Christ. We are trying to grow Christ Embassy here in America. This is a strong stumbling block to our progress. Please Pastors for the sake of the calling on both of your lives.
      FIX THIS NOW !

    4. God resist the proud but gives grace to the humble. .A humble and a contrite heart, the Lord will not reject. we are make righteous is not because we are superstar, it’s because of his Grace
      A Christian or man of God can fall but he needs to rise up in repentance(Jesus demonstrated this on his way to cross).it is an everyday thing. God hates pretends. That is where we miss it, too big to admit our weakness. Lord, please have mercy on this couple who are my people and save them and the people they lead.

  3. Well said have been led by the spirit of discernment. My comment in pastor chris side of the story is ..I see each line..he would have kept quiet.
    Fellow belivers in Christ Jesus we are all men and woman of Yahweh..this is where u start idolising these preachers the minute you start thinking they r much closer to Yahweh than you are.


    1. pride is a relative term.can i have more light on your definition of pride pls. Or is it wrong to say I am a Man of God not a preacher?

    1. Mwanida, u are very correct coz the scriptures made us to understand that, we are priest of all believers. And further stated that, we a royal priesthood, a holy nation and a chosen generation. People should stop idolizing these men to a point that some of their members will sleep with their pictures. Chris statement is full of pride. Look at that young prophet God sent to deliver a message with specific instructions but he listen to some other person.

      People should search the scripture and divide the word of God rightly

    2. pray that you don’t go to hell for a sin you just commited by your words. you do not talk about men of God in such manner. even if it is true, you should read cases in the bible.

  4. I had wanted to be like pastor chris, but now i dont want to be anything like him. His pride and false doctrines are so excessive. Instead of him to protect his wife and seek peace, he is busy ranting trash abt man of God and Preacher. I wonder which side of the bible he reads. Jesus clearly said we should hv no masters amongst us, for we are all brethren. We are all children of God, though with different levels of faith. We are all one. We can each make mistakes, and repent. Pastor chris should go home to his wife. show some humilty.

    1. If you don’t know the whole story keep your mouth shut. All of you pointing your fingers at pastor chris are only expressing symptoms of ignorance and immaturity. Why does it bother you guys in the first place, it only shows you are envious about something, maybe his world. Leave pastor Chris and Anita alone, you saints. Let’s those with the faith to receive continue to enjoy the abundance of pastor chris’ anointing, stop discouraging those that are eager to receive. The blind man said, all I know is that once I was blind, but now I see, end of story, he didn’t care who healed him. Forget pastor chris but respect his ministry and anointing, there are people benefitting from the anointing God has bestowed on him. Rather than make it worse, Learn to better the situation by every comment you make. Does Reverend Anita not know that people of God shouldn’t file for divorce or encourage it? If she’s so righteous I’m sure she would be also more closer to God to go on her knees in prayers for God to change her husband if indeed pastor chris has erred, why adopt the path of pride, that of retaliation and revenge, she telling the world that there are issues beyond God’s intervention? It’s all Goes to tell us that we are all humans. Pastor chris is a human like you guys, the only thing he knows how to do better is accessing God with little effort, and he didn’t start today, so it runs in his system, no matter what you do you can’t be like him, you can’t beat the time. Be careful with men of faith, just like the centurion, a sinner but was able to receive from God. Stop criticising like babies, just because you have the freedom to run your mouth doesn’t mean meddle in other people business and be judgemental. Life is deep, and human knowledge is highly limited.

    2. Pastor Jay,
      One advice for you, go and study the word of God for your self. This is not pride. surprising you dont know the difference. Go and pray, God will speak to you clearly. You cannot judge, You didnt call him. God did. You hear. You should know or speak better. Pls, biko, you are a pastor, and I believe you are anointed abi? Be not carnally minded.

  5. I can’t really understand his contradictory statements at times that he is not a preacher but man of God.every True Preacher is a man of God&every True man of God is a preacher,so why is this man trying to always make a fool of himself most times?man of God who allows the wife to be separated from his family for 16years,I can’t imagine being separated from my wife so long even though I don’t seem to like her much but how about my kids?his followers are only being one sided putting blames on pst Anita forgetting the fact that the kids will testify against their father for negligence or does that makes them also bad kids like their mum Anita cos they will choose to say the truth,a father who only visit once in a year and just because it’s a church program that necessitates the visit. he should learn how to manage a home before building an empty empire,well who do u blame?countless of brainwashed MOG congregational members who for 16years never saw anything bad for a man to be separated from his family for that long.we keep saying who re u to judge are u God?but the same people are always too quick to judge when it comes to government or political issues,are u God?or the wrath of God does not befall on grounds of such?face reality&stop deceiving yourself by believing in man,Chris maybe a man of God that I don’t know but he is prone to temptation especially when he give room to it after all he can’t be greater than men of God in the bible like David who still fell to sin,all he need do is to beg his wife for forgiveness,apologize to his congregation,sek the face of God& come out strong again instead of wanting to allow pride,fame destroy him.Indeed if he stupidly chooses to contest the divorce instead of settling within forgetting a lot of evidence will be let out during the process besides he will a
    So lose custody of the kids cos he has been without them for 16years so what does he stand to preach to his congregation when he can’t even show good examples of a Good father ,he must be indeed so insane

    1. I think the terrible aspect of u is dis…u lack knowledge n wisdom. Jesus said, u err not knowing d scriptures. U do not need special anointing to preach the gospel. U preach the gospel bcos u r a christian n it’s ur mandate to do so. That makes a very christian a preacher but not all christians are called to ministry offices like Paul said, some are given Apostles, teachers, evangelist, Pastors n Prophets for the perfecting of the saint. U see not all christians have dis speciall calling. Pls, study d scriptures n learn to b full of urself. Terrible life. Pastor Chris, I love u sooo much bcos I’m life is better now bcos u tot me how to b a champion in life n so is ma life.

    2. sean, becareful with the way words run out of your lips against the man of GOD, if u don’t have any good advice for the couple then keep quiet. Infact , u deserve a punishment 4 this, must u talk?
      Non of u should write or speak to disfavour any of them they need encouragement.

  6. No matter what happened between pastor Chris and his wife Anita, we should know that a lot of people looks up to them for direction in life especially youth(including me) who are the future leaders.We should not continue to ask who is right or wrong,our prayers should be that God will intervene speedily and cause the couple to understand the enormous damage this will cause to the body of Christ and youth in particular.Those of us that views pastor Chris respond as pride statement should also pray for him that God will cause him to realize the areas he needs to amend in his marriage.I love CHRIST EMBASSY because I never preach to someone and got the person born again until i joined this church.This church transformed my spiritual life positively through the messages i received from pastor Chris.please let us be conscious of devil,he can use anything to destroy the body of Christ. Pastor Chris is my pastor and i will continue to pray for him and his family, how i wish you will join me. God bless you richly.

  7. As for me it seems you are all blind and destined for destruction-all of you making foul comment. What is the meaning of pride? What is the meaning of the phrase ‘man of a God”? You all claim to know the scripture but you are all bats- full of blindness and darkness. Comparing David with pastor Chris is an excessive expression of ignorance of the new creation realities. When you hear a thing you should not just listen with those thick pieces of flesh attached to your head, but find out the spirit of the letter. Does a man of God need to tell you to pray for him and his family? If you are a Christian don’t you know it’s your spiritual obligation to do so (pray for those that are in authority)

    Mind you, Isaiah 54:17 (KJV) says “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper;
    and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn.
    This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord.”

    God said I am the one that defines them not all of you wicked people that want to feast on the downfall of a man sent from God. The bible said God forbid the madness of the prophet. Let me tell you there are those who choose to go for God I.e God-went(s) and there are God-sent(s), pastor Chris is God sent.
    Go back to 2001 when nincompoop(s) like you went against him, what did they come back with? Shame!
    How many devil-men are willing to spend money to spread the gospel like he is doing?
    You are all a disgrace to Christianity,

    1. You have spoken well. Now I can imagine what Jesus faced. See So called Christians Judging are you God? This same Christians criticize. for your info, God has blessed him mightily. Just to mightily. for all of u talking about pride, your brain level is so shallow, and may God forgive you, and you will live long to see How God will increase him. I laugh because some people are brainless.

    2. I didn’t compare Pastor Chris to David. I used the example of David being a man of God and sinning since Pastor Chris said that there was never any record in the Bible of a man of God sinning against God. Please re-read my statement very well. And I said that people should pray for both him, his wife and the whole church. The pastor in the former church I attended would always asks us to pray for him after every message because he is human just like us. Everyone needs prayers, that was my point. The whole body of Christ needs prayers because we are under attacks everyday. Calling people nincompoops wasn’t necessary…that’s the truth. By saying so, you have also judged/condemned someone else. I urge you, re-read my comment again. God bless.

    3. @Kay…wow…y is it too difficult for us(christians) to learn humility n remove pride from us. Who was David? King or Priest? The bible says Lack of Knowlege, my ppl perish. Jesus said, u err not knowing d scriptures. What was wrong with Pastor Chris’ example abt dis? U commented dis way bcos u lack knowledge n u filled ur heart with pride bcos u want to talk. Judge nothing b4 d time. Was david anointed as a king or Priest? U see, all we need is d wisdom of God n not pride to start opening our mouth n allow any words to come out.

    4. Emotions emotions emotions, just read 1Cor 5 and IF you are a spirit being before being fleshly, the Lord will have spoken to you ALL.

  8. Hmmmmm….talkatives, u’ll never fail 2 criticize. Take it or leave it he has said it open 2u guys. None of u called him 2 be a pastor, u are not God 2 be judging him. All of u dat are alwez waiting 4 negative tinz 2 say abt him, woe unto u. Go & talk abt ur fathers at home. Fools…


  10. A lot of dumb responses,its amazing how some people can be so callous in their thoughts.
    If pastor Chris is having marital issues,whats anybody’s business with that?,let every one take off the log in their eyes before worrying about the spec in someone else’s life. Instead of judging,pray for them,else..keep shut.

  11. Gentlemen. Can you kindly pray against the insurgents and ebola rather than waiting for pastor Chris response?
    Some of you dont’t even know the meaning of pride. By the time you are fully told, you will realise that all of your comments are borne out of sheer pride and busy bodies

  12. If you don’t know the whole story keep your mouth shut. All of you pointing your fingers at pastor chris are only expressing symptoms of ignorance and immaturity. Why does it bother you guys in the first place, it only shows you are envious about something, maybe his world. Leave pastor Chris and Anita alone, you saints. Let’s those with the faith to receive continue to enjoy the abundance of pastor chris’ anointing, stop discouraging those that are eager to receive. The blind man said, all I know is that once I was blind, but now I see, end of story, he didn’t care who healed him. Forget pastor chris but respect his ministry and anointing, there are people benefitting from the anointing God has bestowed on him. Rather than make it worse, Learn to better the situation by every comment you make. Does Reverend Anita not know that people of God shouldn’t file for divorce or encourage it? If she’s so righteous I’m sure she would be also more closer to God to go on her knees in prayers for God to change her husband if indeed pastor chris has erred, why adopt the path of pride, that of retaliation and revenge, she telling the world that there are issues beyond God’s intervention? It’s all Goes to tell us that we are all humans. Pastor chris is a human like you guys, the only thing he knows how to do better is accessing God with little effort, and he didn’t start today, so it runs in his system, no matter what you do you can’t be like him, you can’t beat the time. Be careful with men of faith, just like the centurion, a sinner but was able to receive from God. Stop criticising like babies, just because you have the freedom to run your mouth doesn’t mean meddle in other people business and be judgemental. Life is deep, and human knowledge is highly limited.

  13. Its so amazing black people especially can’t notice the blessing they have until its gone . You talk bad about your own and you are always waiting for the downfall of your neighbour . All these news are written by a black man in an effort to destroy his brother . White guys do not reason like us they protect their brothers and sisters . Thus one of the reasons Africa has a lot of poor individuals , we misuse our interlect … See the good in people and always walk in love .. Train yourself on that .. If you in Nigeria can write this about your own what of others outside your boundaries ……Your children are looking and they will imitate your foolishness .

  14. People who are working against Pastor Chris and who are his enemies have found this as a way of bringing him down. No way for you, God is working on his side. Jesus, who is the son of God, people were working against him but he never changed. So Remember pastor Chris will never go back with your dumb and rubbish talks. The might power of God will continue to increase in him. Mama Anita seek the face of God, we still love you. You devils, leave his daughters alone.

  15. I was there in service and heard Pastor Chris response to the divorce allegations in shock. There was underlying pride and intimidation to project fear in the hearers.
    In as much as God hates divorce, divorce still occurs due to the hardness of men’s hearts. The Bible does not say which party is hardened. I love Pastor but with due respect I believe within me that Pastor is wrong with regards to his attitude to his marriage. He appears to me to be hardened towards his wife. He cornered her to the point that she has to get out of the marriage in order to maintain her sanity.
    There was nothing in his speech sounding like he loves Rev, Anita and that he wants her back. Rather a use of selective Bible references to justify his behavior. If he refers to his wife in such a demeaning way in public, you can imagine the way he treated her in private. If she is not a woman of God- what is she? A woman of the devil? This is a woman who worked hard evengelising Europe and planted churches in the UK which has flourished to over 36 churches now ? No one can accomplish that if the hand of God is not on her. Everywhere Rev. Anita went in UK, she established churches that are still thriving & paying tithes to the ministry till today! He was trying to portray her as some misled person who does not know her left from her right. This is not the Rev. Anita I know. It is interesting he referred to her as “Rev. Anita” and in the same sentence insinuated that she is not a woman of God!
    A man of God goes Gods way. Is it Gods way to have your wife live in another continent & for a man to deny his wife the pleasures of marriage for 15 years ? See 1 Cor 7… The Bible says do not defraud yourselves. If you are not ready to be a husband to her, please don’t force her to stay & continue to make her suffer. People should not marry if they have no intentions of fulfilling their marital vows.
    “The wife does not have authority over her own body but yields it to her husband. In the same way, the husband does not have authority over his own body but yields it to his wife. Do not deprive each other except perhaps by mutual consent and for a time, so that you may devote yourselves to prayer. Then come together again so that Satan will not tempt you because of your lack of self-control.” 1 Cor 7 vs 4-5
    I thought the Bible is Gods way? The Bible does not say deprive yourselves for 15 years! The Bible is STILL the ultimate and only source of the unadulterated word of God.

    1. Dear Wilma, you are so myopic I must say, expand your reasoning, you talking about depriving each other, just that..why not just say adultery, I’m sure that’s why you wanted to say. Go and read the story of the woman who committed adultery in the bible and read Christ’s response when she was about to be stoned. I’m glad it’s Rev Anita that filed for divorce and not the husband! after planting 36 churches in the UK, what an example for a leader. You mean God, our omnipotent God can’t solve problems any more? Prayer and fasting changes things, I grew up to sing that song, and it works every time. You must be a woman or a man that has got it all Rosy in marriage until now, just pray you don’t fall a prey. I’m not interested in all these, it only bothers me when people point accusing fingers. I’m not sure you even understand the meaning if pride, and you don’t also know what it means for a man to be angry in a situation like this one. You’re quite shallow in your comments, go to church to receive from God, if you can’t receive from a particular church then change the church.

  16. Pastor Chris, you have taught us and imparted in us so much that we cannot be fooled if you change your tone. Please take time off, rather than sending conflicting messages to the church & the public, take time off, temporarily hand over to Rev. Tom & the CEC. Then take a trip and go woo your wife back if you really love her and want her in your life. Move her into your houses (all of your homes- I mean the ones in South Africa, Nigeria & everywhere) She should have all the keys. She should handle your itinerary. She should be the first person after the Holy Spirit to know your plans. If it is true that you have single female staff living with you, get them out of there. Your wife should be in charge of them. They should answer to her – not to you.

    1. Wilma, you’re such a cheap joke. Please leave this page. Pastor Chris don’t read this Blog so stop fooling yourself and being childish. Pastor chris has got so much to read elsewhere than to pay attention to your supposedly open letter here. Please grow up

    2. Wilma, there is a lot of sense in what you say. Godliness and common sense expressed in an upright respectful way. You have spoken well.

    3. Eke Eke Eke are you so blind? Wake up otherwise you will find even the bed you slept on has been stolen, shame on …1 Cor 5, its not even about the people involved its about GOD’s law and instructions and they are for EVERYONE Pastor or no pastor….

  17. Worship the creator God, not the creature. Honor, respect and love your pastor(s) but do not worship them. They are not God, just like we are not God. Worship no man,…none…for that would be idolatry which the Bible forbids. Pray for your pastors, always,,,in season and out of season. After you have heard all the messages from the pulpits…all their sermons and teachings, get into your prayer closet and pray to God yourself, study the word yourself….study to show yourself approved, the scripture says. And work out your own salvation with a fear and trembling. Christianity is about your personal relationship with God (through Jesus Christ, not through any one else), so get to know God yourself. Remember there are many who on that final day Jesus will say, “get behind me, I knew you not.” May none of us be found on that side on that day. Selah!

  18. Who art thou to judge another man’s servant? Even if it is true, what do we gain with all these negative comments. There is a God of the called and his followers. Allow God to do his job people! You are condemning him and you forget you fell a victim too some time ago. Plz let’s prayer for him rather than condemning.let’s ask God to help him. We gain nothing pursing his down fall. Don’t attract God’s wrath to your life with these careless comment. We are called into the ministry of reconciliation not condemnation. I am not his member nor his fan but I always pray for him even before now. What do u gain exposing the nakedness of your father. Plz be very careful curses are real Noah misbehaved but that doesn’t exonerate his son from being curse even in the midst of his wrong doings. Plz let’s pray for him and stop ranting!

  19. Eke, if you read my article, Pastor Chris will read it. I did not mention adultery because, just because there are allegedly women living in Pastor Chris house does not mean adultery- one could wrongly presume. His wife alleged inappropriate relationships with women. We in the ministry know exactly what she means. She does not mean adultery otherwise she would have said so if she had proof, which we all know is hard to get. But if the wife has concerns about women living in her husbands house, is that not a valid concern – especially if the wife is exiled to live in UK for over 15 years & not allowed free access to her husband. This divorce situation is triggered as a result of neglect. Read the court papers. I know both Rev. Chris & Rev. Anita. They are my Pastors for over 20years & I know the wife personally for that long. I want them to reconcile, but the marriage can’t work if they are constantly separated in two different continents. I am not into name calling & accusations like you, so I forgive you for your riling. Notice, I did NOT say Pastor committed adultery because only God knows. The one I know is what I am harping on, and that is Pastor needs to make time for his family. Loving your wife & being a husband does not spoil the anointing. There are many other great men of God who have their wives by their side like Daddy Adeboye, Kumuyi, Oyedepo etc. Their ministries are also thriving. It was Pastor Anita who planted & pioneered churches in the UK while she was exiled there. The churches she started grew to 36. Watch her videos on You-tube- does she sound to you like a rebellious woman ? She always gives honor & credit to her husband as a wife should. Even in my dream, I can never accuse Pastor Chris of adultery because ONLY God knows that. All I know is that God is a merciful God. It is His will for a wife to submit, it is also his will for a husband to love his wife so much as to be ready to die for her. You do the math…

  20. I completely disagree with pastor chris for saying that no man of God can sin against God. Pastor chris please go and ask brother Samson, David, solomon, saul, the prophet from judah,apostle peter, etc. They will teach you. the only thing that saved them is the grace of God. please ask God for forgiveness, after this ask the body of Christ to pray for you. Thanks!.

    1. Please, learn the difference between a man of God n a king and some1 God sent to do specific tin? Who was David n Solomon? Who was Samson? The bible says Lack of Knowlege, my ppl perish. Jesus said, u err not knowing d scriptures.

    2. @Chrysgya: But the Bible describes Saul and Samson as “the Lord’s anointed”. If they were not men of God, why did God anoint them? Read your Bible very well. When David had an opportunity to kill Saul, he said, “I will not touch the Lord’s anointed”. That clearly shows that Saul was God’s anointed and therefore a man of God even though he was also a king. And when Saul sinned against God, the Bible says, “the Spirit of God departed from him”. In other words, the anointing departed from him. Samson was a man who was specially anointed by God for signs and wonders, but we know how he ended up tragically on the laps of a woman. How about Aaron the priest? Aaron sinned against God by making golden calves as idols for the children of Israel to worship. Can any sin be greater than idolatry? Aaron was involved in idolatry. How about Moses, the prophet of God? Did Moses not sin against God? He did not enter the promised land that he worked so hard for. In fact, God used a much higher standard to judge Moses than He used for the other Israelites. I can go on and on. Please read your Bible and let nobody deceive you. We must be careful not to take God for granted or take His grace for granted, A word is enough for the wise!

  21. I only have one word for you all. DO NOT JUDGE ANY MAN OF GOD IN WHAT EVER THEY DO. LEAVE THEM FOR GOD TO HANDLE IN HIS OWN WAYS. they carry more than you can see. they are human, they are mortal.

  22. Pipo,Fear the anointed men of God!!
    Stop saying nasty things about pastor Chris.He is the man of God! Don’t comment anything if u don’t av anything to say!.

  23. September 5, 2014
    Pastor Chris Oyakhilome & Anita Devoice Mess.

    It’s unfortunate, what we are reading in the internet and daily News papers about what is happening between Pastor Chris and his wife Anita. As much as we believe that this is the work of the devil, God commanded us to resist the devil and he will flee. If these allegations are true then I will say that the supposed careful Chris has allowed the enemy to infiltrate his territory. Many Pastors fail to understand that as a man of God, the first God you know in your ministry is your wife (the woman) if you want to please the Almighty God.

    Therefore, the first wisdom you must ask from God is the wisdom to manage your wife and children if you want to grow and maintain a good relationship with God in your ministry. Because the Bible says, if a man cannot manage his home he cannot manage the house of God. I simply put it this way, “The fear of your wife (Woman) is the beginning of wisdom for any Pastor to please God”. Pastors like Chris fail to understand that with the support of your wife you can attend greater height with God in your ministry, but if you negate their little input you will go down in your ministry like the chaff.

    What I see in this matter between Chris and Anita going by the story of the unfavorable policy he introduced to the Church is that many women who see the policy as affecting their marriages have contacted Anita who is the closest person to Chris to talk to him to reverse the policy in the interest of the church and their marriage. I suppose that when she spoke to Chris he refused to take her advice. This is wrong of him because Anita is his wife and help mate in the ministry. So God decided to declare His displeasure about the same policy by allowing Him to suffer this serious problem in his marriage in order for him to experience what these men and women of his church are crying about the policy. The policy he introduced is wrong because it’s causing adultery and immorality in the Church among the male and female ministers. The reason God allowed this to happen to Chris family is for him to learn in a hard way since he has refused to take his wife’s counsel, to experience exactly what his church family members are going through with his unfavorable policy. Because it’s said that no one knows the pains of a tooth ache until he has felt it. So if God did not allow this to happen to him he will not understand the destructive effect of that policy.

    By the way, men fail to understand that woman is the manufacturer of man. God starts and ends the creation of man in a woman’s womb these days after what He did in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve. So man is 100% woman component. She delivers the man and nurture the man to majority. Therefore, whether you have them as a mother or as wife, you must reverence and respect their opinion if you want God to be pleased with you. It’s foolishness for any man to say he’s a man and not a woman.

    Therefore, God’s judgment in this matter between Chris and Anita is that, Pastor Chris is at guilty because he has failed to hearken to the voice of his wife Anita concerning this policy. This truly amount to being unreasonable as Anita said. Pastor Chris has learned about heavenly humility enough to humble himself to his wife and respect her opinions for the sake of his God and ministry but has failed to do so. God said Chris should go to his wife Anita on his kneel to plead pardon and forgiveness and bring her back home again.

    Warning: The earlier you carry out this judgment the better for you, before God will get angry with you and do to you what He did to Adam and King Saul. Because God is no respecter of any person no matter how dear you think you are to him. God did not accept any excuse from Adam for the failure of his wife in his house in the Garden of Eden neither did He forgive King Saul for his disobedience. I can assure you
    too that God will not accept any excuse from Chris for the failure of his wife in his house which is his own garden of Eden in this generation because you’re made to be her defence in her weakness. It’s important for you to know that Garden of Eden simply means a place God gave to you and He dwells therein with you. There’s great evidence that God gave you a house and that He dwells therein with you by the great works and miracles that He’s using you to do in the lives of people in this whole face of the earth.

    It’s like you have forgotten the enormous responsibilities hanging on your shoulder in the body of Christ to allow yourself be dragged into this kind of mess and public scandal? Who do you think you are? an ordinary man?, don’t you know the high level God has placed you? You better pay the price to bring back your wife as price to keep your ministry and relationship with your God and be more careful so you don’t destroy the trust God and man has on you. However, consider this as a lesson from God and a trial of your faith and make sure you pass the trail. Go and bring back your wife Anita. The woman has not wronged you but you wronged her. No one can tell you this truth that I’m telling you now through this medium because you have sycophants all around you who will be telling you that Anita is a bad woman but at your back they will say a deferent thing. Those who will come to tell you that your wife Anita is bad at this trail period they are your worst enemy, keep away from such unfriendly friends. When things turns bad they will be the first people to tell the world that we told him but you refuse to take advice. It’s unfortunate that men often times don’t see the truth in opinions expressed by their wives especially in some delicate issues such as this that you’re facing now until we fall victim of such circumstance.

    May God bless and straighten you always in Jesus Name.

    We’re praying for you.

    Elder R A Ikediashi
    Chairman, Marriage Councilor
    CGMI – IKD

    1. (KJV) Who art thou that judgest another man’s servant? to his own master he standeth or falleth. Yea, he shall be holden up: for God is able to make him stand.
      Baba elder marriage counsellor. Keep away from this matter, this is not your jurisdiction, it’s higher than you. If you can delete this supposed wise comment, pls do

  24. i love pastor chris n i really feel for him and its so unfortunate that he is about pulling down a ministry that took him years to build .im a pastors son so i understand the burden goes with his position.this problem is complex yet so simple and to get the solution lets put things in the right perspective and in the light of the bible in relation to reality,putting aside all bias n hero worship.let all our worship go to father yahweh. let me point out a few truths which if understood and adherred to could have saved us this pain. 1.when the body is sick,the head is never let out .it could infact be said that the head is sicker.pst chris is the head of this family,the onus of keeping the family as one primarily lies with him.if anita needs prayers he needs more prayers.he should not try to absolve himself .he should live up to his matrimonial responsibilities .honestly i do believe that god blessed him with a very supportive wife

    1. Pastor Chris can never pull them Christ Embassy bcos I am not move the moves of the devil. Christ Embassy is in ma blood n nothing can change that bcos i kno who i am. I have ma testimonies dat d word of God works to perfection. Do not forget that we play by different set of rules. We are smart to know wen d devil wanna scatter the church n we will resist d devil n we know d end. It’s amazing dat is our own christian brothers n sisters who stand against us in times wen d devil strikes. But I kno y…..where dey r dey r not being tot right abt who d body of Christ is. If they know they will start crying in prayer for each other.

    2. I agree with you Shelomi. Pastor Chris has a supportive wife. I believe what the Bible teaches that you shouldn’t separae yourselves from each other except for fasting and prayer. This is not but for a time ageed upon by both parties. Having your husband with you,where you can set eyes and hands on him is essential for a healthy marriage. Women need that contact. His Presence is needed. That’s what a relationship is about. Spending time together make life joyful. You mature each other in different ways.

  25. Every body is almost gone carnal in their comments here instead of weeping and praying for God’s intervention in this colossal cum spiritual instability and stalemate.The bottom line is a clarion call for prayers for our pastors chris&anita oyakhilome’s marriage restoration. The abuses and curses i saw here were totally uncalled for. These r pastors of international repute. We do not v any spiritual qualifications to judge or criticise them , rather we should b praying for restoration.I want to remind u his critics&detractors dat when some of us were busy fornicating during our high school times 25yrs ago was when pastor chris v already started his evangelical crusades in d remote areas coupled with house to house evangelism.Where is our christian maturity pls. Let’s go on our knees in prayer for their divine marital restoration

  26. If you don’t know what to write Mr. Aroh Walter u better close ur eyes and sleep because God just started to deal him with all his evil so he change and come back ho him because God don’t want him to die in sin .he has mislead many God people.In a church were young lady will know that a man is married with kids and she will be fornicating with the man and the man will be sending her prayer point sending her text message on phone that Jesus will bless her.If know what all this men for God are doing with their femen member u will get mad all this men of God are bad guy’s.

    This our Jesus is watching

    1. the church is not for perfect ppl Mr. George. The church is for perfecting ppl. We grow to matuality. Jesus told the adulterous woman’s accusers one tin………n all run away…Mr. perfect George.

  27. Some statements don’t add up. Why would you allow your wife to lead the UK Chapters of Christ Embassy if she is Angry and Bitter all the time ? How would you feel comfortable enough to let her raise the two daughters half way across the world ? Is this good stewardship ? As a father you are responsible for the childrens’ well-being also. I don’t get it ! What did you do to ensure that your wife would be a joyful and peaceful person. Bitter, over what ? Angry, about what ? You both have everything you need. Or don’t you ? The real deal is being hiding. Let’s be Truthful ………. Everyone is trying to make this difficult. Get together and solve this like Grown -Ups. This is a po resentation of what marriage should be. This is not the way to get attention to Christ Embassy. Live together in Peace.

  28. Well we are love Pst Chris, but when i Read Pst Anita, word in Rhamsody topical compendium volumes 2, i cried, she is so sweet, calmly, humble, blissful, i love her more than Chris, i don’t know why, Man love your wife as Christ love the Church. I don’t like the way girls in CEC, dress nude, even in warri Church. Who is to blame, Jesus who died for them, is Jesus i blame. Should we continue in sin so that grace will abound God forbid. Tell the the Pete the truth, all Christ embassy members oh, need deliverance, even Christ came to preach deliverance, speaking in tongue with Demons inside of you, deceiving people, making lies in hypocrisy. Now the nude spirit from the chair has enter into the House of Chris, to break down his marriage, anita you ve the call of God on your life everybody knows that, Christ is an amazing Man of God, so am i, but settle with you wife, or your prayer is hindered. I love you pst Chris, but Pst Anita, i love you more. No stories.

  29. indeed belove brother and sisters i want to plead with you all to go before God in prayers on behalf of this great people.talking about what is happening what i will say is that i feel so bad the way pastor chris reduces his wife.indeed looking right in their meeting that took place in may in UK pastor chris have to make his pastors and leaders to understand that is wife is a bad woman,indeed i feel so bad about it.if the woman was as bad as you said that means cchris embassy wont have been existing in UK today.because went u look at when this woman took christ embassy,in UK christ embassy was just with a hand foll but because of the commitment of this woman and the time she invested in it christ embassy in all over Uk today alk on the pand EROUPE in general.and all thanks to the glory of God.look at the way u talk on the public in a comminion service world wide about your own wife.instead of saying the whole CEC should pray for you and your family,u said there should pray only for rev anita meaning even if the house scatter in nknown of your business.secondly you make the world to understand that our wife is not spiritually macture which means you never cares about her spiritual standard.if actually she is not spiritually macture because if actually you discover that she was not acture it was your responsibility to teach her to become macture so that she can operate like you,thirdly you make her to understand that she was not call,because you said if you are marry to a pastor that those not mean that you are a pastor,indeed is it today that yu discover that she is not a pastor.i done want to continue because i feel so bad went i see this sorry that i may have say something that is not correct,but im talking as a pastor myself and i will plead that the pastor should humble himself and do like benin hinn deed,im proud of benin hinn,he wen to the tv and told the whole world that the wife should forgive him and that he love the wife and the childeb love her too,i was so touch and sir humble yourself and put things right so that yourwife should enjoy her home.she have been surporting you for a long time so sir forget who you are and brng down yourself and put things tight.God belss you as we are hoping in seen you both tgether

  30. please my brothers and sister,its so painful even seen some of this christ embassy calling people fools and idiols,were is your spiritual macturty,as you people are claiming to know everything,if the people are giving bad comment why cant your people correct them rather by insulting them.after insulting them you people will start coting the bible,please ou people should grow to christain mactucrity,God bless you all


  32. who are you to pass judgement on another person”s servant,in the presence of his master he falleth and in the presence of his master he stands.the lord is able to hold him up .please people of GOD let his matter be.when you throw coments it aggravates the whole thing.this two are adults and they are able to sort themselves out.let us allow time to heal this wound.

  33. I’m suprised that Pastor Chris and some of his followers believe that he cannot sin. No man is immune from sin, we can all sin if we are not careful. Pastor Jimmy Swaggart committed adultry with a prostitute and denied it until the prostitute brought video evidence, THEN he repented and his wife forgave him. Pastor Chris should repent and ask for forgiveness from God and his wife.

  34. Let’s call a spade a spade. Hey pastor respect ur palmtop. Leave david nd saul out of this. How can u call urself a pastor and u preach and teach heresy or are u an antichrist? Dont deceive folks by ur tongue. God is not mocked. Your sin will find u OUT.

  35. A few months ago, my colleagues and I went for a boat ride to see the Puffin Birds and the whales (though it wasn’t quite the season to spot the whales yet). At the end of the ride, the tour guide said: “…if you’ve enjoyed this ride, let your friends know about, but if not, please keep your mouth shut…” Then we jokingly told him, “hey Joe, don’t worry we will keep our mouth shut”.
    I’m going to also request that you tell us only about your prayer points that you have written down for both of them.
    God bless you all.

  36. U guys should learn to worship d creator not d creation,dese days ppl tend to worship pastors not God, am not here to criticize or support any1 but I tink its important dat we note dat God is not a respecter of anyman nd no pastor(mr/mrs) is above mistake,nobody is perfect. Most of u are being biased in ur comments bcos u fink u knw wats goin on, there’s more to dis dan u fink. I feel d best tin we can do is to pray 4 dem bcos d way I see it none of dem(pastor chris nd Anita) is goin abt it d right way.

  37. farida ,,,,,, stop that rubbish, that is a man of God you are talking to like that, what is wrong with you or is he your mate,, you don’t have any single right to talk to him the way you do, at least if you cant respect him respect the anointing up on him, pls pls take manna’s ,,,,,, and as for this matter rev Anita is a well respected woman of God that have been preaching to people all around the world, and am fully sure that she know that there is noting like Divorce in Gods word,,,,,, then she have to coal down and settle the matter with our president that it the way as a Christians we are, we have noting to do with Divorce,,, what we have to do now is to go down in prayer like our prophet said that is the way ,,,,,,

  38. U see some Nigerians at times reason like drug addicts,why will u blame Pst Chris for not coming coming on social network to confess the sin he didn’t commit? Are u God to judge him for not going to UK to postrate begging his wife,don’t u know the divorce Pst Anita filed for could be as a result of brainwash advice & idea from friends or do u see in Pst Chris’s comment where he called the wife a sinner he knows wat the woman is doing could be as a result of frustrations of not having the man she married with her for the past 15 yrs instead of raining all sort of stupid abuse on Pst Chris why not take out time to pray for him and his wife to mend,,why are u always looking for means to nail a man of God just like the Jews & Romans did to our lord Jesus Christ,now i can see why our country is the way it is right from the leaders at the top to the ordinary citizen,,how do u expect Nigeria to be a better place for all if u have this dark mind towards a man of God like Pst Chris,,,if u feel too big to pray for God to mend the issues going on in the man’s family why not use ur idle time cos i know u r all devils workshop,why not pray for ur country to come out of the chrisis we have been living in for decades now, instead of blackmailing God’s annointed,2015 is coming we all know Nigeria is waiting to see the greatest chrisis of all time if we r not earnest in prayers,u beta stop writing madness if u don’t want that same God that decended on sodom & Gomorah to decend on u or this precious country stop writting madness on social networks and pray for him & his wife & pray also for Nigeria bcos bcos they are worth it,they are not piece of gabbage like u r making them to be with ur words & actions,,God mend the Chrisis in Pst Chrisis’s Family and mend Nigeria and every Nigerians in Jesus Name..

  39. W e are aware that it is not easy to arrive at the level that Pastor Chris has reached in his ministry. There are many temptations and every pastor understands that problem. Women of men of God are late bloomers in understanding things of God. Most women want to control the thoughts of their husbands, the husband receives from God whilst women contradict resulting in problems. In the case of Pastor Chris, his wife must bow in prayer for her husband instead of displaying her anger and blaming her husband. Therefor no one can blame the man of God, its God that has called him and God will judge him if he has committed a sin. Personally, I believe that Pastor Chris is innocent.

  40. I have been reading the commend of everyone who speak good and bad about the man of God.What I would like to say,is that be carefull of what you says about the man of God Pas Chris.Because what goes around,comes around.If you roll the stone against the man of God,that stone shall come back to you. The accusation and allegation of adultery against him,and without any prove.One can find him or herself in trouble just like Aron and Miriam when they spoke bad about Moses.God strike them with leper.But am not supprise becouse even our Lord Jesus was accused of being a prince of demon by Pharisees.Even today we still have Pharisees who are called Religious Christian not Born Again Christian.I thank God for send Pas Chris and anointed him to teach the Good News of the Gospel and to show the world that Jesus Christ is still the same Yesterday,Today and Forever.And also by use him mightily to teach and to heal all manners of sickness and desease.I know Satan and his Co-Worker’s are so excited about this,but it is not over until God says so. I will Pray Until Something Happen,to see the life of this couple get on track.I am not from Christ Embassy but I am with the body of Christ.To all saint in the Lord Jesus is our duty to pray for all the believer’s as we are aware that the day of our Lord Jesus is near.JOHN 16:33 be of good cheer.

  41. Infinity agency is having its annual recruitment and this time,16 personnels is to be picked .This is one of the agencies worldwide were contestants picking isnt politicized .Picking is based sorely on talents .Its a known fact that model infinity hasnt gained much popularity over years.that was why this advert was posted. visit our facebook page; model infinity agency or email advertising agent; Model

  42. Rev Chris Oyakhilome is ma mentor nd a father to me,nd I know nd luv him so much,u no devil is a very tricky person,so he has mny ways of operating,de Bible says he is a devorer lukin 4 whom 2 devore,Rev Chris is a man of God,and 4 sumone 2 tak him 2 cour says:
  43. Be careful , FALES ACUSATION’against God’s ANOINTED attracts God’s Judgment upon the individual who fixes himself or herself into such position, the bible said when Miriam acused Moses , God quickly stepped in and her , WHO MADE YOU A JUDGE OVER MY SERVANT MOSES ? then she qualified herself a candidate of God’s anger and punishment over her life, please FEAR GOD, AND ATTRACT HIS BLESSINGS, NOT HIS JUDGMENT. THE BIBLE SAYS, TOUCH NOT MINE ANOINTED AND DO MY PROPHET NO HARM , Did you get that ? If you have heard anything about this TRUE MAN OF GOD, and you think it’s not right , you have a place to pray for him and NOT pass on stupid comments , the have RESPECT FOR THE MAN OF GOD, AND THE ANOINTING GOD PUT ON HIS LIFE FOR YOU, AND WORLD AT LARGE . ( FOR THE ANOINTING GOD PUT ON PASTOR. CHRIS IS PRECIOUS )

  44. .only God has the power to judge.secondly,the devil can send a demon called spirit of division in a can start by using little fights,arguments and even jealousy to divide the people in the church. united we stand against the kingdom of darkness but divided we fall…………learn and know that it is not about who[pastor Chris and pastor Anita] is right or wrong but rather that the devil is using the spirit of division against the church”Loveworld”..It is working because it is playing everybody to take a side and also to judge…but LET GOD TAKE CONTROL AND NO POWER FROM HELL CAN STAND HIS CHURCH.

  45. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Anita God Loves You,The Bood of Jesus is our victory.
    Satan as no power in the name of Jesus he as no power over our life.Blood Blood Blood Blood of Jesus as power.


  46. Great men of God has to go through their tough times alone. Especially in great moments when God calls in. To name the few, (great men) Abraham, Moses, King David and even the Lord Jesus him saith, ” Who is my mother, brother, or sister, but them that follow my word. Keep following after the anointed man of God, and… you shall see the promised land. To God be all the glory, honor, and praise. God bless you Pastor Chris…and bless Rev Anita always… soon you’ll be together again in Jesus most precious name. God bless you all.
    Francis Amram of Nauru..

  47. i don’t think Pastor Chris was right to say that being married to a man of God does not make you a woman of God, thereby implying that his wife is not a woman of God, after all she was made a pastor by his church. And by saying- pray for rev Anita- he is trying to make people believe that she is the one with all the faults. its takes two you know. and i don’t believe that any pastor’s wife will seek for divorce without good reason. a man of God will never make his wife look bad in public

  48. pastor chris does not owe anyone any explanation. God knows all things and will render to everyone according the works of their hands

  49. Pas Chris is a man of God whether the devil like it or not.It is Jesus Krist who called him not any man.As Jesus says to his disciple “YOU DID NOT CALL ME BUT I CALLED YOU”.If you open your big mouth trying to speak bad about the man of God,be careful that the Lord Jesus will not strike your big mouth OR end up like Saul when he went to damascus to persecute the children of the Lord.The Lord Jesus strike him with lightning and he became blind.This shows that “DON’T TOUCH THE ANOINTED ONE OR SPEAK BAD ABOUT THEM,FOR EVERY YOKE SHALL BE DESTROYED BECOS OF ANOINTING.Like i said my prayer is to c the lifes of this two couples get on track,despite who is right or wrong it doesn’t matter! What matter is unity becos unity is power.And like i said am not from Christ Embassy but am one of the body of Krist.

  50. Anyone can fall sometimes, even if you are a big minister of God. But it is how you deal with it that really matters. If a relationship is failing, then the best thing to do is be humble and do everything you can to fix it. I don’t know. I looked up to Pastor Chris and read his devotionals. But his speech here seems like he is full of pride. I have seen other ministers fall in this area (marriage) but they took care of it in the right way by being humble and never putting their wife down. I really respect those ministers for that. Pastor Chris said we should not judge anyone, yet he is judging his wife. It is very hypocritical in my view. I just hope he is able to be humble and take care of this in the right way. Don;t let pride get the best of you!

  51. The writer of this is talking nonsense about people of God not sinning what about King David he sinned and what about King Saul and what about Solomon they all sinned after God chose them so you better read your bible again my brother….

  52. Hi man of God i love you and i respect you so much .please stop putting your wife down in public.I pray for peace to reign in your family again.humble your self and bring our mummy back. be strong man of God.

  53. This just breaks my heart, the devil is a lier, the word of God must prevail. I love you pastor Chis and Anita and I pray that this too shall pass away and both of you will rediscover each other again and move past this in Jesus name, amen.

  54. The Lord honors repentance and forgiveness above all things and Christ Jesus came to deliver to us that gift (Acts 5:30-31). Pastor Chris’ sin cannot cleanse those who spread and advocate his evil reports. It is better to cover him and be blessed rather than murmur like the son of Noah!

    ‘Finally brethrens, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honorable, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report, if there be any virtue, and there be any praise. Think on these things’ Philipians 4:8

  55. God Bless Pastor Chris For Me, Not Because He Is Not Blessed Already, But Because That Is The ONLY WORD I Can Use To Attract The Same Blessings And Anointing At Work In His Life.

    I don’t even attend Christ Embassy per say, yet i can’t help Loving you such Godly this way. May God continue to strengthen you for me, and making you a BLESSING for MORE BLESSINGS, a vent for good spreading on everyside!

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