O O L’eko: UNILAG’s Chief Of Security Killed By Cultists

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The Chief Security Officer of the University of Lagos, Mr Sunday Adejumo, was reportedly killed on Friday evening by suspected cultists.

Adejumo, 50, was shot at a beer parlor on Oyenuga street in Akoka, where he was drinking with friends.

Witnesses say the shooters approached Adejumo as they came into the bar without speaking, or attacking any other person present, hit him on the chest, and shot him at close range. Adejumo died before he could get help.

The police has taken the bar owner in for questioning, along with the two other men Adejumo was drinking with. People familiar with the UNILAG security chief say they had never seen him with those men before that night.

Police crime scene investigation revealed that the Adejumo’s hitters had tried to make off with his car that was parked a few blocks away from the bar, but could not due to the car’s security features. There was blood on the seats as well as on the keys that were found outside the car. Adejumo’s car has since been taken into custody by the police.

It is alleged that the assassins were cultists.




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