No BS: Things You shouldn’t Put Up With In Your Relationship

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In the name of compromising and understanding the other party, people tend to take a lot of BS from their partners. Things they shouldn’t take and things that should be a deal breaker under normal circumstances.

I understand it is not easy to just walk away simply because someone keeps tossing crap your way (I mean feelings are involved here), but there are some things that you should never put up with in a relationship no matter the case.

Things like:

Emotional abuse- A lot of people limit abuses in relationship to physical abuse and to them, any form of abuse makes the woman (only) the victim.

This is not true.

Men also can be victims of emotional abuse from their women and it can be as horrible as when it happens the other way round.

Someone who emotionally abuses you, takes you for granted, tells you in subtle or non subtle ways that you are not worth it, should not be held on to.

Cheating, especially serial cheating- There have been various reasons why people cheat. I have heard from the downright ridiculous to what seemed like a “reasonable” reason to cheat.

However, cheaters are not usually the best people to be in a relationship with. Your emotions are likely to go back and forth and you are most likely going to get hurt a bit too much.

Its usually worse when you are with a serial cheater, those ones who constantly cheat and with no reason whatsoever to.

You should not put up with this type of people, its never really worth it.

Lying- This usually goes hand in hand with cheating. A cheater most times, lies about everything he or she thinks would cover up their dirty habit.

A lying partner is one that would hurt you deep and the best thing is to leave this type of person be, because except you love being lied to, people like this hurt their partners a lot.

Physical abuse- He hits you, she hurls the closest dangerous object at you when you are having an argument, He slaps you when he thinks you are being stubborn, she bites you or tries to steer the wheel in a dangerous direction when you fight… Whatever your situation is, physical abuse is a valid reason to quit your relationship.

It is not healthy for you and except you are both hoping to end up dead, then you should leave right now.

Makes you unsafe- Your relationship should be your safe haven. If you are not safe in your relationship and it is the last place you want to be every time, it means you need to leave like yesterday.

Your partner should be your team mate, the one person who cheers you on and always has your back. Not someone who makes you feel awful all the freaking time and who makes your relationship somewhere you always want to run from.

Disrespect- If your spouse loves and cares about you, then they would never disrespect you.

If your man/woman never respects you in your relationship then time is now to leave.

Never carries you along- And I mean from him/her hanging out every Friday night to making key decisions in his life without your knowledge.

Most times, we think its okay if our partner doesn’t tell us his/her plans for the weekend and several pictures surface days later to show he/she has been hanging with the buds.

Not like you should be updated every second, but knowing where your partner is, is very important and someone who wouldn’t tell you about things as simple as Friday night plans is not likely to include you when planning something big.

Oh trust me, it works like that.

He/she doesn’t let you in on the small stuff? then you would be surprised by the big stuff too!

There are more things an individual should not put up with in relationships, share your thoughts on other things you think should be a no-no and a valid reason to walk.




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