Newborn Baby Found Alive Inside Toilet Pipe (Photo)

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Varsity-Baby. 360nobsPhotograph released online has captured the incredible moment a newborn baby was pilled out of a toilet pipe, alive and well.

The baby was found in student accommodation in the Chinese city of Linyi, and was only discovered after residents heard cries coming from the toilet.

Firemen rushed to the scene where they were shocked to find the baby wedged fast in the pipe.

A spokesman for the local fire brigade said: “It was impossible to get the baby out from above. She had fallen into the toilet and gone down the pipes were she had got stuck between the third and fourth floors. We used an angle grinder to break open the pipeline on the third floor and we could then push the child up to colleagues on the fourth floor where she was handed to medics who were waiting to take her to hospital.”

Police managed to track down the mother of the child where she then received medical attention. Authorities are waiting to question her before deciding what crime she may be charged with.

Following the incident, one user of a Chinese social media site wrote: “I find the image of a young woman giving birth in the toilet, cleaning herself up and then going back to her room to carry on studying a particularly worrying one and a sign of the sort of throwaway society that we live in now days.”



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