Naija Games Evo and Major Gaming League (MGL) set to change the Nigerian Gaming Scene.

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We are proud to announce a milestone moment in the gaming community with the coming together of two known gaming brands in Lagos as Naija Games Evo and Major Gaming League (MGL) enter into a joint venture agreement to expand the awareness for both recreational and competitive gaming.

This initiative is born out of the need to provide the platform for gamers to maximise their potentials and put gaming in Nigeria and ultimately Africa on the global gaming map.

Naija Game Evo, a Titeboy Entertainment and Sporedust enterprise has been involved in various gaming events for the past 8 years bringing together gamers from around Lagos for the love of the game. It has organised many social gaming events and competitions in the past years giving out prizes and sometimes bragging rights to its various participants.

Major Gaming League (MGL) launched 7 years ago to be the premiere platform for competitive gaming in Nigeria with its maiden edition of the Video Games Championship in 2012 and has not looked back since. It secured an endorsement from the Lagos State Ministry of Youth, Sports and Social Development that year positioning itself as a certified body to hold gaming competitions and expand awareness for gaming as a sport. Major Gaming League is the brainchild of Toford International Limited.

As a new dawn approaches for gaming in Nigeria and Africa at large, the joint venture entered into by both entities, it will see Naija Games Evo become the official Gaming Social Club of the venture where gamers register to be members for a yearly subscription fee. It will holding various recreational gaming events round the year and will be the official ranking platform for gamers towards the MGL Championships. While Major Gaming League becomes the official Competitive Gaming Body where gamers aspiring to take their gaming to the next level either by competing locally or internationally or work as a personnel in the industry in an effort to forge a career in the sport through its annual and bi-annual championships.

So to all gamers out there who do not want to miss the action in the coming years in gaming, sign up to become a member of Naija Games Evo to networking and having fun with other gamers like you while enjoying other benefits like free gaming, automatic slot in the MGL Championships, great discounts on competition tickets and lots more. And keep practising towards the MGL Championships happening throughout the year for a chance to win cash prizes, trophies and bragging rights.



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