Most Nigerian Music Fans Don’t Know What Good Music Sound Like; On PSquare’s 3 New Singles

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Hello friends, it’s been a while. I am here again with my wahala (Opinion), regarding some dumbest comments on the 3 singles from PSquare online.

Friday 29th, August 2014 marked a new dawn in the life of the Okoye brothers (PSquare), dropping three singles and a video. My reason for saying this is simple, because for anyone who understand the music business, you will know the brothers made their greatest move in their career.


My colleagues here in the UK are surprised at how some dumb haters can be in Nigeria. It’s really heart breaking. For me I am proud of you guys.


It’s a pity that many Nigerian fans know nothing about what good music should sound like; reading through comments on PSquare triple-released singles and video online, most especially on Notjustok, I felt so bad that at this age some Nigerian music fans can’t appreciate good music.


Evang. Ebenezer Obey had said it before “Nothing you can do to satisfy people”. Truth be said, this is one of the greatest moves ever from you. PSquare; take that from me. Reading through the comments, it’s clear those dropping bad comments, know nothing about good and classic music. Tracks like ‘Eje AJo’ will rank much income in terms of publishing. ‘Bring It On’ can be a great material for music supervisors seeking good songs for placement in new projects. While the ‘Shekini’ song will soon become every party and club anthem.


One of the dumbest comments stated: (The lines “I got the Magic” is stolen from Robin Thicke, “Go low” from FloRida, and dance moves look like Michael Jackson, yal still looking like Usher.)  My question is, what’s your take on this, real music fans? Using the word “I got the Magic” doesn’t mean it was stolen from Robin Thicke, “Go Low” also from Florida. If it was Chris Brown, Neyo or Usher that did this, I am sure you will rate the song high. Let us wake up and support good music.


Our artistes keep singing about winning Grammies but none of them are making the right moves. Eje Ajo is one of the greatest sounds from PSquare in their entire career. Fans of good music will appreciate their effort for this classic, if dummies can’t.


What will you call the few lines from Tiwa Savage on “Girlie O” remix, Seyi Shay line on the song “Murda”with Patoranking & Shaydee …the list goes on. Using  lines from other artistes songs doesn’t mean it was stolen. Every artiste will be guilty of this as crime worldwide.

I read few comments on the ‘Shekini’ track too. Soon when the ‘Shekini’ song becomes parties and club anthem, I am sure those condemning it will surely find themselves grooving to the song.


Everyone is entitled to their Opinion. This is mine and I believe many fans of good music and music heads will agreed with me on this. The brothers already said it on the track ‘Bring It On’, listen to the lyrics. One thing is sure to win the global market you have to be global and the brothers had been international for a while but they want to go global. I applaud their move.

I’m sure most of the people dropping the dumb comments are not their real fans and probably those who can’t buy album or even singles but looking for friends who have songs to share with them. Let us change our attitude as music fans, it’s not easy doing music, shooting videos and spending money promoting. So haters please kindly change your ways.


My Opinion! Share yours…


I remain your darling… Gbemisola  Adesuwa Abayomi . Now on back on twitter via @musicbusinesspr



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  1. Your opinion is shit! If the same Nigerians who made them suddenly feel they sound unoriginal, then they need to think about it and not sweep in under the carpet like it does not matter.
    For Christ sake, why is Psquare sounding like Davido all of a sudden? I expect more mature music from them. So if you’ve been paid to write this crap, at least be objective.
    PS – Please and kindly are never used together. Take note dear Mr Music head.

  2. iRead ur long essay …and walahi! It was rubbish…as pointless as d songs you are defending …instead of giving us good reasons why its better than the rubbish every artiste in d industry hav bn singin, U r jst here calling pple names, em pay U? Or r U jst another teen writer? …iWonder why dis was even published …

  3. Ok, good work, well written, and thanks for letting dummies know what good music is about, especially the ones that think they got it all buh know no shit….
    And for the two comments above, they’re just da same as the comments I also read on some blogs and websites…….it takes only a good music mind to know what good music is all about.
    Well, the Okoyes know good music, and they delivered good music. So all the ITKs should know what it takes to not only sit down and write lyrics, but to know how to rock a mic.
    I don’t usually comment on things like this, but it really pains me when people talk shit about the Okoye’s……and even when they’re trying to set keep it right, people still talk shit….Nigerians are never grateful. Always criticizing….

  4. well,for me i have always say it that unsuccessful people will never stop hating coz they got no work to do rather than to criticise the successful ones but who cares coz i truly understand that psquare does not even know that a bunch of matters like you do exist…never the less the more you hate or criticise the more my dude got more fame..still loving my brothers@psquare coz you guyz are always untop of your games and will always remain untop..cheers

  5. hi gbemisola, okay i’m not commenting on this cos it challenges my intellect but only cos’ u spoke of knowing gud music. so as a music enthusiasts i need to address and probably enlighten. that been said, i wud speak only about ejaajo cos av not hrd the other songs. ejaajo, its a gud attempt, shows psquare has grown and intends spreading their tentacles. and t.i on the song is not only mind blowing, he fits perfectly on that type of song. for emphasis, its a gud attempt and not a gud song. songs like this i.e robin thincke’s magic, blurred lines, pharells happy, daft punk, justin timberlake, chris brown’s fine china. all have done this songs and raised the par so high. so if i’m judging from that type of good music, ejaajo is not gud. theres nothing fresh to it, its not original, sounds like a million other songs. i think repeating already used lines is not much of a biggie. everybody does that but u r suppose to copy and paste it in a even more better fashion. take ur examples. tiwa savage and sheyi shey, was it not sensational? …if u r giving them credit for being the first to do something like this in Nigeria, its gud but if u r to judge on the song, its not “IT”… hope my 5 mins of typing this helped. if i must add, in public writing and articles u don’t attack people who oppose using “dummies”. its right for evryone to have an opinion, for or against. isnt that the purpose. i know some peeps can be annoying with their opinion and thats why u r a writer, oh! guess i forgot, u r a blogger! 🙁 …pls read more.

  6. This idiot writer . . . what kind of nonsense is this? Let people like and dislike what they want. are you the music police? Are you the music judge and jury? Or are you just P-Square’s biggest stan?

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