Mo’Cheddah In Love With BOJ of DRB Lasgidi [PHOTOS]

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Singer Mo’Cheddah is back in the music game and she’s better than ever.

With new singles out and the promise of an album sooner or later, the petite singer is back to claim her title of the princess of Pop.


In an interview with me, Mo’ dished out on where she’s been, and what fans should expect from her.

Excerpts from the interview below!

Why were you away from the music scene for so long?

The break was a long time coming.. I had been working non stop for 5 years since I was twelve and I just woke up one morning decided to take a break from everything… Between the tours, studio and school I needed that break. I was fortunate and blessed enough to be able to afford a break.


How much has changed about you since you released ‘Franchise Celebrity’ and now?

Wow! Sooooo much! It’s so weird because I still feel the same but soooo different at the same time. I see things differently and that’s definitely influencing my new sound and style. I’m still the same cherpy strong individual but wiser with a lot more experience.


You have released some brand new amazing tunes recently, including ‘Destinambari’ and ‘Tori Olorun’. Is a new album in the works? What’s the title and when should fans expect it?

Thank you!! Right now I’m just having fun with releasing new material and sharing it with the world. My album is more or less done plus I don’t have a name for it yet, but I’m not dropping it anytime soon.


What new Nigerian artistes have impressed you recently?

While I was on break lots of artistes were birthed, and I can’t call them new artistes anymore! But right now I’m loving Lil Kesh, Ayojay, BOJ! LOS boys too. I’m a big fan of Nigerian music and it’s definitely getting better.

Download Mo’Cheddah’s latest single, Tori Olorun, here.




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