Mobile Fun Launches Iphone 6 Plus #BendGate Repair Kit.

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Recently we’ve heard/Seen a lot about the iPhone 6 Plus bending in people’s pockets which I still find quite funny for a phone that starts around 230 Thousand Naira for the 16gb Version.

It should be noted that the The iPhone 5 and 5s, Oppo Find 5,Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Xperia Z1 all had this bending issue and . So why is it such a big deal on the iPhone 6 Plus?  It’s a simple answer.  Apple have reported that they sold 10 million in the first weekend (Just Last Week) . So that’s why it’s got so much attention.

To help solve your “BendGate” issues, Mobile Fun has launched a new #BendGate repair kit is now available for the iPhone 6 Plus.

This BendGate repair kit for the Iphone 6 Plus will  cost you 8,200 naira ONLY . Here’s the description of the item on their site “Has your iPhone 6 Plus suffered from the #bendgate fiasco? Well fear not, the iPhone 6 Bendgate Repair kit is here to save the day. Easy and quick to use, the bendgate repair kit transforms your iPhone 6 Plus back to it’s original form.”


In actual fact the Bendgate repair kit is a rolling pin, which is used when cooking, Which makes it even funnier. This was launched solely at Apple’s expense and amusement.



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