Meet The Woman Who Allegedly Raped A Man In His Own Home

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26-year-old Chantae Gilman has been charged with second-degree rape by a Seattle prosecutor after a man reportedly awoke from deep sleep from his bed and found her on top of him.

The alleged sexual crime took place over a year ago, but due to a recent DNA test, prosecutors  were led to file charges against Gilman, reports Q13 Fox.


The unidentified, 31-year-old man claimed that he awoke at 2 a.m. on June 17, 2013 and saw Gilman on him and having sexual intercourse with him. He said that he told the suspect to get off, but she refused and told him to be quiet. He eventually broke free from beneath her pushed her and out of the apartment.

 The victim alleged that he had slept off, following a night of partying and a “long day.” He didn’t know Gilman personally but recognized her as a “drug user in the area,”.

A local hospital in the area performed a sexual assault examination later in the day and collected DNA which matched Gilman’s this year.

Gilman spoke to the police and claimed she didn’t remember the incident or ever being in his home. She described herself as mentally ill.

Seattle police told KOMO-TV that an arrest of a female rapist is unusual.

“From a statistical standpoint, yes, it is atypical to have a female aggressor,” SPD Det. Drew Fowler told the station. “But we work to hold all people responsible for their actions. The law is specifically written to be gender-equitable and we will charge anybody with a crime that they’ve committed.”

Let it be noted that Gilman is a mother of four who is eight months pregnant with her fifth child, said Elwin Hartfield, a friend who answered the door at her last known address in Seattle. Hartfield said Gilman was in treatment in Eastern Washington, and that she’d been treated for mental health issues and drug abuse in the past.



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