Man Stabs Girlfriend To Death For Using Another Man As Her MCM

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Man Crush Monday, or MCM, is a very serious something these days.

It is used by females to showcase a man they have a crush on or admire, and now it has gotten a woman killed.

27 year old Reginald Humphrey aka “The Cinnamon Apple Guy”, finally killed his 23 year old girlfriend Michelle Geiger yesterday morning after she allegedly posted a photo of yet another man as her MCM.

He stabbed her 14 times while she slept in the condo they both shared together.The couple made some fame after a viral video hit the internet where they fought over the same issue.

The couple were in the news sometime last month after a neighbor captured a video of Humphrey yelling at Geiger, after she posted once more a pic of her “Man Crush Monday”.

“I thought you loved me! You was my baby, my f**king cinnamon apple”, you can hear Reginald shout in the video.

Even though the couple is seen experiencing some relationship problems, friends of the two swear they were very happy with one another, besides that little incident that they had apparently settled.



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    1. RIGHT I was reading it to my boyfriend then I was like wait wtf? finally? Like it has been something they all been waiting for.

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