Liberian Woman Found Dead In Lagos, Hanging Off A Tree [Graphic Photos]

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The woman, simply identified as Kate was found dead hanging off a pear tree in Lagos on Friday, 12 Spetember.

Her Corpse was found at Bankole Street, in the Isheri-Oke area of Lagos, Punch reports.


Kat worked at a satchet water factory and was popular in the area.

The reason for committing suicide is yet to be known, as neighbors residents say she never had problems with anyone in the area.

However, Kate’s dilemma began when people in her neighbourhood learnt that it was a Liberian man, Patrick Sawyer, who brought the deadly Ebola Virus into the country. Then, they started to stay away from her and this had a negative effect on her.

One resident told the press, “We see her in this neighbourhood every day. She always looked sick but people stopped selling to her after the Ebola outbreak. It could be because she was Liberian and looked sickly. This might have frustrated her.”

Another resident said, “She attended a church in the area and her church members still saw her yesterday. I used to see her every day in the dress she died in. She was sick and people in this area had avoided her, especially after the Ebola outbreak.”

Landlords of the Isheri Oke Community Development Association, told Punch that the incident had been reported to the Isheri Police Division.

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