Is Chris Brown Wearing Rihanna’s Chains? Find out

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Chris Brown has been walking around wearing a new chain recently. Some blogs have reported that this nice piece of jewelry bears a striking resemblance to a necklace Rihanna once kissed in a mysterious undated black-and-white photograph. Could Brown be sending secret signals about his love to/for Rihanna?
This extremely important development was first flagged by MediaTakeOut in a story headlined “MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Chris Brown And Rihanna . . . TOGETHER AGAIN . . . And We’ve Got RECEIPTS!!!” The receipt, as it were, is below: a photo juxtaposition of Brown during a recent performance on The Tonight Show with the one of Rihanna kissing a necklace
These two shots of the necklace, from what I can tell, provide pretty clear evidence that Brown is not wearing Rihanna’s chain. Both pendants have wings, but where the one in the Rihanna photo is probably an angel, it looks like Brown’s is some sort of bee-like creature (that Honey Nut Cheerios swag). The telltale difference is that Brown’s pendant has two arms hanging at its side whereas Rihanna’s clearly does not.



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